Those attending the Mustang March Madness basketball tournament March 25-27 at Mount View Middle School got more than their money’s worth as all 16 teams involved across all four divisions proved more than worth the price of admission to the event.

Teams from Medomak, Newburgh, Stockton Springs, Pittsfield, Winslow, Thomaston, China, St. George and host Mount View took part in the tourney, all looking for a little March Madness of their own in hopes of running the table en route to the championship round.

In the end, it was the Pittsfield third- and fourth-grade girls, the Mount View third- and fourth-grade boys, the St. George fifth- and sixth-grade girls and the Mount View fifth- and sixth-grade boys who emerged victorious, each clinching their respective tournament crowns.

All four championship finals saw the winner of the loser’s bracket force the all-important “if” game, with both the Pittsfield third- and fourth-grade girls and Mount View third- and fourth-grade boys winning three straight games to win the tournament.

The following is a brief recap from each of the championship contests:

Third/fourth girls final

Pittsfield emerged from the loser’s bracket and stunned previously unbeaten Mount View in two straight games to clinch the championship. In game one, Pittsfield emerged with an 18-13 win, while it sealed the deal in the winner-take-all final with a 34-21 victory.

In game one, Mount View held a 11-7 lead heading into the fourth quarter, but Pittsfield rallied and went on an 11-2 run to win the game.

Shala Davis led Mount View in game one with an eight-point effort, while Katelin Lewis and Alyvia Ripley each added two; and Alex Fountain, one.

Christa Carr led Pittsfield with six points, while Danielle McAlpine added five; Madison Boutwell, four; Victoria Friend, two; and Morgan Erving, one.

In game two, Mount View took a 10-5 lead at intermission, while Pittsfield piled on an impressive 27 points in the third quarter, which proved more than enough to clinch the championship.

Davis poured in a game-high 16 points to lead Mount View in game two, while Maddy Knowlton added four and Ripley one.

For Pittsfield, Carr netted 10 points, while Madison Halle and McAlpine each added eight; and Malie Halferty and Boutwell, both four.

En route to a championship finals berth, Mount View defeated Pittsfield 27-23 and upended Winslow 35-23. In other local action, Thomaston fell to Winslow 23-8 and lost to Pittsfield 19-12.

Third/fourth boys final

It was Mount View that emerged from the loser’s bracket and knocked off China in two straight contests to clinch the championship. In game one, Mount View pulled out a narrow 35-34 win and ended the tourney in style in game two with a 44-35 win.

The first game was a back-and-forth affair, which saw both clubs knotted going into the final quarter. Mount View converted a hoop in the final minute while holding on to force the winner-take-all final.

Logan Curtis dropped in 19 points in game one for Mount View, while Andrew Savoy added eight; Matt Overlock, four; and Chase Gilley and Jake Warrington, both two.

For China, Austin Dunn netted 15 points, while Gavin Blanchard added eight; Jacob Mortimer, seven; and Sage Hapgood-Belanger, two.

In game two, China held a 15-14 halftime edge, while Mount View outscored the opposition 30-20 in the second half to clinch the tournament championship.

Curtis netted 15 points for Mount View in game two, while Riley Boulay added 10; Warrington, six; Gilley, four; Will Russell and Overlock, both three; Savoy, two; and Wendall Tracy, one.

For China, Dunn scored 18 points, while Blanchard added seven; Jacob Praul, four; and Mortimer, Belnager and Jack Tobey, all two.

Mount View’s championship run began with a 33-30 win over Pittsfield, while it fell to China 37-36 and defeated Pittsfield 31-20.

Fifth/sixth girls final

Mount View earned a 33-27 win over St. George to clinch the winner-take-all final, but it was St. George that rebounded and nipped the hosts 33-29 to clinch the tournament championship.

In game one, the score was tied at halftime, while the Mustangs outscored the Dragons 11-6 in the third quarter and held on in the final stanza to force the “if” game.

McKenna Gibbs led Mount View in game one with eight points, while Alecsha Spaulding added six; Reanna Boulay, Halye Larochelee and Taylor Thayer, all five; Chantelle Shibles, three; and Alexis Ramee, one.

For St George, Emily Tyler netted 10 points, while Sierra Beal added six; Pauren Miller, four; Kaylee McCorrinson, three; and Kristina Ferguson and Haley Montgomery, both one.

In game two, St. George jumped to an early 10-point lead, while the Mount View defense dug in its heels on defense and trailed by only two at halftime. St. George held on in the second half to win the tournament.

Tyler and Miller each scored six points in game two for St. George, while Brianna Knowlton added four; Emma Lee, three; Sadie Thompson and Julia Kurr, both two; and Ferguson, Montgomery and McCorrison, all one.

For Mount View, Spaulding scored 10 points, while Larochelle added six; Gibbs, five; Boulay, four; and Ramee and Thayer, each two.

On its way to the tournament championship, St. George defeated Stockton Springs 32-6 and upended Mount View 27-19. In other local action, Mount View defeated Medomak 34-33, while Medomak went on to defeat Stockton Springs 34-11 and fell to Mount View 31-8.

Fifth/sixth boys final

Medomak forced the “if” game with a 45-37 win, but Mount View battled back in game two and clinched the tournament championship with a 51-41 win.

In game one, Medomak jumped to a quick lead and held that advantage through the majority of the contest, leading by as many as 21 points in the fourth quarter. Mount View made a late run, but could not overtake the Panthers and fell by eight points.

Emmett Shell led Mount View in game one with 10 points; Joey Danna and Kalvin Croteau, both seven; Colby Furrow, five; Devon Davis and C.J. Ingraham, both three; and Kevin Richards, two.

For Medomak, Jonathan Allord scored 15 points, while Cale Gee added nine; Taylor McLain, eight; Cameron Allaire, six; Patrick White and Cameron Martin, both three; and Laken Harrington and Channing Soper, both two.

In game two, Furrow led Mount View with 15 points, while Croteau added 10; Danna, eight; Jared Taylor, five; Shell and Ingraham, both four; Richards, three; and Brandon Reynolds, two.

In game two for Medomak, McLain netted 11 points, while Allord added nine; Harrington, Donlin and Gee, all four; Nick Grover, three; Patrick White and Sproul, both two; and Martin and Allaire, both one.

Mount View defeated Newbugh 47-18 and upended Medomak 50-48 en route to the title. Other local action included Medomak defeating Stockton Springs 66-28 and 49-27.

Local team members

Mount View third- and fourth-grade girls — Shala Davis, Maddy Knowlton, Mackenzie Schofield, Alyvia Ripley, Hannah Oliver, Alex Fountain and Katelin Lewis. The team was coached by Lenny Knowlton and Irene Davis.

Thomaston third- and fourth-grade girls — Abby Veilleux, Bethany Spear, Katie Thomas, Hannah Benner, Jeanna Fagundo, Audrey Ward, Hannah Mulholland, Shelby Miller, Morgan Heal, Chloe Jones and Kalen Darney. The team was coached by Ricky Jones.

Mount View third- and fourth-grade boys — Darrett Fowler, Riley Boulay, Logan Curtis, Jake Warrington, Chase Gilley, Andrew Savoy, Will Russell, Neal Kenny, Matt Overlock and Wendall Tracy. The team was coached by Dan Curtis and Luke Boulay.

Mount View fifth- and sixth-grade girls — Alexis Ramee, Haley Larochelle, Reanna Boulay, Chantelle Shibles, Ashlyn Parker, Taylor Thayer, Halle Reynolds, McKenna Gibbs and Aleesha Spaulding. The team was coached by Ted Reynolds and Greg Thayer.

St. George fifth- and sixth-grade girls — Sadie Thompson, Julia Kurr, Aubrey Anderson, Lauren Miller, Sierra Beal, Kristina Ferguson, Emily Tyler, Emma Lee, Haley Montgomery, Brianna Knowlton, Kaylee McCorrison and Charlotte Leparulo. The team was coached by Paul Leparulo and Shawn McCorrison.

Medomak fifth- and sixth-grade girls — Amber Studley, Cierra Dyer, Cassidy Taylor, Amber Hagin, Kelsey Grant, Victoria Wheaton, Haley Wyllie, Gabby DePatsy, Nichole Obuchon, Chelsea Ripley, Brianna Garner and Maggie Ryan. The team was coached by Terra Ripley.

Mount View fifth- and sixth-grade boys — C.J. Ingraham, Kevin Richards, Josh Klein, Brandon Reynolds, Colby Furrow, Devon Davis, Kalvin Croteau, Joey Danna, Jared Taylor and Emmett Shell. The team was coached by Steve Pomerleau and Wally Furrow.

Medomak fifth- and sixth-grade boys — Casey Libby, Patrick White, Laken Harrington, Kyle Donlin, Cameron Allaire, Jonathan Allord, Daniel Jones, Cale Gee, Nick Grover, Taylor McLain, Cameron Martin, Richie Sproul and Channing Soper. The team was coached by Tracie McLain and Ryan O’Donnell.

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