Just one day after an early-spring Nor’easter struck the Midcoast and left plenty of snow in its wake, 147 hardy paddlers in 85 watercraft participated in the 38th annual Passagassawakeag River Race Saturday.

And when the six-mile event, sponsored by the Waldo County YMCA, was over, a familiar man proved the fastest. Fred Ludwig of Houlton, in his kayak, crossed the course in 45 minutes and four seconds.

Ludwig also won the 32nd annual St. George River Race the week before. By winning this year’s Passy, the 51-year-old Ludwig now has won the event in four different decades.

On Saturday, Aaron Cross of Morrill and Dan Wagner of Belfast had the fastest canoe in 48:45, while John Alsop of Cornville had the fastest solo canoe in 50:04.

Tommy Owen, 7, of Orono was the youngest paddler, while Maber Cronkite, 74, of Etna was the oldest paddler.

Jan Cullina of Wiscasset was the winner of the canoe raffle.

While temperatures were near freezing for the St. George race March 26, the air was a little warmer, but still brisk, for the Passy, which was held under partly cloudy skies and with plenty of snow on the river banks from the Nor’easter that hit the state the day before. The snow from the Nor’easter added to the water level of the river and made for fun — including snowball throwing and snowman making — on the banks for race spectators.

The Passy race began at the Littlefield Farm, with the first two miles consisting of flat water with many curves. After a short stretch of Class II rapids, a two-mile stretch of flat water was enjoyed again prior to Class I, II and III whitewater rapids for a mile and a half, leading to a flat water stretch to the finish.

The results from each division from the Passy Race, with paddlers’ residence included if listed, were:

Century Recreational — 1, Maber Cronkite, Etna, and Tom Cronkite, Etna, 52:14; 2, Rick O’Donald, Newburgh, and Renee O’Donald, Newburgh, 57:35; and 3, Al Beeson, Bucksport, and Dan Merrill, Stockton Springs, 59:28.

Clydesdale — 1, Dan Littlefield, Waldo, and Thad Hills, Belmont, 58:06; and 2, Mark Risinger, Newburgh, and James Belknap, Hudson, 58:10.

High School — 1, Alex Introne, Orono, and Eliot Lamb, Orono, 54:48; 2, Paul Robinson, Orono, and Schuyler Colbett, Orono, 55:04; 3, Laurie Hamilton, Orono, and Andrew Holt, Orono, 57:51; 4, Chris Introne, Orono, and Daniel Perry, Orono, 1:00:14; 5, Scott Williams, Charlotte, N.C., and Sarah Gledhill, Matthews, N.C., 1:08:48; and 6, Megan Robidas, Wiscasset, and Laura Thurber, Wiscasset, 1:16:55.

Junior/Senior (ages 12 and younger) — 1, Jeff Owen, Orono, and Tommy Owen, Orono, 53:03; 2, Ashton Mabee, Bangor, and J.R. Mabee, Bangor, 54:22; and 3, Andrew Cross, Morrill, and Don Cross, Morrill, 1:03:22.

Junior/Senior (ages 13-16) — 1, Chris Deane, Canaan, and John Goulet, Bradford, 52:17; 2, Rod McLain, Stockton Springs, and Isaac Arabodjis, Orono, 53:54; 3, Greg Shute, Alna, and Kyle Shute, Alna, 56:25; 4, D.W. Smith, Lamoine, and Sammy Nadeau, Orono, 58:37; 5, Robert Bonnet, Deer Isle, and Ben Koehler, Orono, 1:00:03; 6, Aaron Winslow, Belmont, and Jackson Winslow, Belmont, 1:00:51; 7, Zach Buck, Milford, and Terry Wescott, Thorndike, 1:02:08; 8, Mark Ranco, Bangor, and Jordan Guillaume, Glenburn, 1:03:15; 9, Ethan Vienneau, Milford, and Dan Baumert, Levant, 1:06:09; and 10, Chris Dalton, Bangor, and Cal Hamilton, Orono, 1:07:33.

Kayak — 1, Fred Ludwig, Houlton, 45:04; 2, Ray Wirth, Belfast, 46:30; 3, Emmanuel Boss, Orono, 53:45; 4, Glenn Montgomery, Belfast, 55:32; and 5, Matt Pyzynski, Bangor, 1:04:39.

Kayak Short — 1, Dan Kelley, Bucksport, 51:37; 2, Mark Bamford, Bucksport, 53:15; 3, Dick Hanson, Orrington, 53:30; 4, John Carter, Surry, 53:50; and 5, Chad Montminy, Waldo, 1:02:14.

Kayak Women — 1, Leslie Gregory, Swanville, 57:38; and 2, Jessica Pyzynski, Bangor, 1:18:27.

Open Canoe One Person — 1, John Alsop, Cornville, 50:04; 2, Barry Dana, Solon, 50:51; and 3, Bob Martin, Holden, 53:17.

Open Canoe One-Person Recreational — 1, Chip Loring, Old Town, 55:50; 2, Bob Winslow, Belfast, 59:30;p 3, Eric Taylor, Dedham, 1:00:24; 4, Jason Cross, Hampden, 1:00:34; 5, Peter Hastings, Bar Harbor, 1:04:50; and 6, Bob Miller, Harmony, 1:07:17.

Open Canoe One Woman — 1, Cheryl Levin, Warren. 58:06; and 2, Lynne Flaccus, Alna, 1:04:57.

Open Canoe Two-Person Medium — 1, Dick Kelley, Brewer, and Brian Kelley, Brewer, 50:13.

Open Canoe Two-Person Mixed Recreational — 1, Laurie Stearns, Brunswick, and Michael Sproul, Brunswick, 51:35; 2, Angus Deighan, Otter Creek, and Abby Berrier, Otter Creek, 53:20; 3, Shawn Burke, Andover, Mass., and Alison Adams, Newcastle, 53:41; 4, Bronwen Peirson, Bucksport, and Greg Dorr, Bangor, 53:48; 5, Tammy Kelley, Lamoine, and Bob Hessler, Ellsworth, 54:05; 6, Caitlin Cross, Morrill, and Dale Cross, Morrill, 55:46; 7, J.D. Burke, Newburgh, and Tanya Pinkham, Portland, 57:19; 8, Mark Rosborough, Ellsworth, and Ashley Rosborough, Bar Harbor, 57:51; 9, Erin Herbig, Belfast, and Josh Povec, Belfast, 59:43; 10, Maritza Padilla, Wiscasset, and Willard Morgan, Wiscasset, 1:01:31; 11, Ben Jaffee, Seattle, Wash., and Leah Kramer Heyman, Wiscasset, 1:05:57; 12, Mike Bridges, Appleton, and Jessie Turner, Bryant Pond, 1:07:45; and 13, Farallon Broughton, Wiscasset, and Ryan Linehan, Westport Island, 1:15:54.

Open Canoe Two-Person Mixed — 1, Alan Paradise, Contoocook, N.H., and Priscilla Reinertsen, Contoocook, N.H., 51:00.

Open Canoe Two-Person Recreational Medium — 1, Aaron Cross, Morrill, and Dan Wagner, Belfast, 48:45; 2, Chris Francis, Levant, and Joe Dana, 49:01; 3, Sarah Dingle, Carmel, and Matt Dingle, Carmel, 51:26; 4, John Bragdon, Denmark, and Brian Battista, 52:55; 5, Jeremy McCormick, Jackson, and Logan Feeney, Bowdowinham, 53:29; 6, Clayton Cole, Corinth, and Joe Fortin, Corinth, 55:53; and 7, Gary Brooks, Dixmont, and Chris Guillaume, Glenburn, 57:14.

Open Canoe Two-Person Recreational Short — 1, Brad Krog, Bowdoin, and Dawn Krog, Bowdoin, 54:33; and 2, Jeffry Chase, Bowdoin, and Doug Lakin, Unity, 1:01:06.

Open Canoe Two Women — 1, Tiffany Bates, Portland, and Lisa Bates, Belfast, 1:01:34; 2, Mary Hartt, Dixmont, and Kallie Schmidt, Orono, 1:01:44; 3, Sadra Townsend, Poultney, Vt., and Raina Garner, Poultney, Vt., 1:07:35; 4, Christina Roach, Wiscasset, and Margot Hughan, Wiscasset, 1:13:50; and 5, Jane Cullina, Wiscasset, and Elsie Thompson, Wiscasset, 1:16:05.

Open Canoe Two-Person Weekend Warrior — 1, James Miller, Morrill, and Adam Smith, Morrill, 57:19; 2, Scott Giroux, Searsport, and Leif Weaver, Brooks, 57:48; 3, Ryan Lister, Belfast, and Kevin Coombs, Belfast, 57:50; 4, Peter Abello, Freedom, and Thomas Abello, Edgecomb, 1:01:51; 4, Sandy Bandhu, Wiscasset, and Dominique Edgerly, New York, N.Y., 1:03:29; 5, Jim Merkel, Belfast, and Danny Piper, Belfast, 1:03:35; 6, Matt Sanderson, Belfast, and Blair Johnstone, Belmont, 1:10:05; and 7, Michael Bailey, Bar Harbor, and Brian Madison, Bar Harbor, 1:13.42.

To view photos from the 2011 Passy and St. George races as well as the 2010 Passy race, click the links below.

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