The Midcoast Warriors girls basketball club hosted a tournament April 9 that spanned three Midcoast locations and featured nearly 20 teams.

The Warriors had both a seventh- and eighth-grade girls teams take part in the tournament, while the Camden Hills varsity boys basketball team also participated.

Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport, Camden-Rockport Middle School in Camden and Point Lookout in Northport were the home sites for the contests.

Results were not available for all contests, but the Camden Hills boys team lost a pair of close contests to New Brunswick, Canada at Point Lookout.

The Midcoast Warriors Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) teams are made up of players from schools in Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties, with middle school and high school players from Rockland, Camden, Belfast, St. George, Thomaston, Appleton, Medomak Valley and Boothbay.

Team members for the participating Warrior teams include:

Warriors 8th grade — Emily Gould, Payton Billingsley and Ashley Gardner of Rockland; Lily Vachon of St. George; Jane van der Schaaf of Appleton; Macy Buck, Katie McMorrow and Eliza Boetsch of Camden-Rockport; and Hannah Marks and Hannah Heald of Medomak Middle School. The coaches were Greg Billingsley and Greg Gould.

Warriors 7th grade — Meghan McGonagle, Ari Curtis, Krisandra McNichol, Rachel Philbrook and Brianna Dugan of Rockland; Maddy Bowman, Abigail Matlack and Taylor Peasley of Camden-Rockport; Makenna Brooks and Kalyn Grover of Thomaston; and Jill van der Schaaf of Medomak Middle School. The coach was Dan McNichol.

A roster for the Camden Hills varsity boys was unavailable.

The following is a recap of reported results from local teams who participated in the tournament.

Warriors 8th-grade 42, Lady Ballaz 21 … At CRMS, Billingsley led the Warriors with 11 points, while Gould and Lily Vachon each added 10; Buck, six; Gardner and McMorrow, both two; and van der Schaaf, one.

Warriors 8th-grade 26, Black Bear North 22 … At CRMS, Gardner and Gould paced the Warriors with six points apiece, while Billingsley, van der Schaaf and McMorrow each added three; Vachon and Marks, both two; and Heald, one.

For BBN, D. Bennett netted 11 points, while M. Richards added seven; and M. Harrington and B. Course, both two.

Ice Breakers 39, Warriors 8th-grade 32 … At CRMS, Gould poured in 16 points to lead the Warriors, while Gardner added six; Vachon, four; van der Schaaf and Buck, both two; and Billingsley, one.

For the Ice Breakers, Martin and Phillippoe each scored 10 points, while Shaw added six; Tapley and Meloney, both four; Lester, three; and Dinton, two.

Warriors 7th grade 84, Maineiacs 24 … At Point Lookout, Brianna Dugan poured in 29 points, while Brooks added 20; Bowman, 13; Grover, 12; Curtis, 10; and van der Schaaf, two.

Additional information from the tourney will be added if it becomes available.

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