Lisa M. Black, who was seriously injured at Maiden Cliff last week, claims her husband repeatedly struck her in the head with a rock and then pushed her over the edge.

The allegations by Lisa Black were filed in Sixth District Court of Rockland. Judge Michael Westcott on April 14 granted a temporary order for protection from abuse based on her written statement.

The wife also claims this was the second time her husband has tried something like this.

The woman and her 68-year-old husband — Charles Reed Black — were both taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for injuries on April 7 at Maiden Cliff on Mt. Megunticook.

The husband has not been charged with a crime, according to Maine Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland on April 15. The public safety spokesman said state police investigators have yet to interview Charles Reed Black because of the extent of his injuries and that there is an ongoing investigation.

“On April 7, 2011, Charles Reed Black hit me over the head with a rock three to four times. He then pushed me over Maiden’s Cliff. This happened on Mount Megunticook. He then pursued me down the hill as I tried to escape and seek help,” she stated in the paperwork filed to obtain the court order. “I think this is his second attempt which also happened while hiking.”

Her statement does not elaborate on that allegation.

The wife states that her husband is soon to be discharged from the hospital and she wants possession of their Camden home. The couple purchased the home in 2010.

She claims he has a temper and keeps a weapon in the shed behind the house.

Camden police said April 15 that they went to the home and removed weapons. The court order prohibits him from possessing any firearm or dangerous weapon.

A hearing for a more long-term protection from abuse order has been scheduled for May 5 in the Rockland court.

The judge’s order prohibits the husband from having any contact, direct or indirect, with his wife; prohibiting from imposing any restrictions on her, harassing, threatening her, he is not allowed at their Marine Street home; and he is not allowed to follow her or be in the vicinity of her home, school, business, or place of employment without reasonable cause.

She also has sought possession of the home, its contents including her jewelry, and her cat Precious during the term of the order.

State and local police have been investigating the matter since the woman flagged down a passing motorist on the afternoon of April 7.

A search was then made for her husband who was found a few hours later. The court paperwork does not state how he was injured.