The Friends of Fort Knox announced its next project is the restoration of the north powder magazine, which has been closed to the public due to pervasive wood deterioration.

The Fort Knox north powder magazine, which measures approximately 15 feet by 30 feet, was used to store powder for the massive Rodman and smaller 24-pound flank howitzer cannons.

According to the release, powder magazine construction techniques were unique in that efforts were made to prevent the occurrence of sparks, which would have ignited the stored gunpowder. Construction elements for the magazine included recessed nails and using copper or bronze for any metal that was to be exposed.

According to a press release from the Friends, bids are being accepted and an approved contractor will be asked to complete extensive wood repair on the powder magazine floors and walls. Those interested in placing a bid may contact the Friends of Fort Knox at 469-6553 and The bid is expected to be awarded by the end of May.

Last season, the Friends of Fort Knox said it expended nearly $60,000 on various restoration projects.