Monday, April 18, the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League welcomed 17 volunteers from Bank of America offices in Belfast.

They brought cat food, dog food, treats, toys, cleaners, kitty litter and blankets. Then, for three hours, they raked winter debris around the shelter, spruced up flower beds, spread mulch, cleaned and painted outside cat rooms and dog kennels, and removed plastic covering from the dog kennels.

The volunteers, including Stacey Saucier, Kristie Holland, Sherry Wyman, Aric Cloutier, Brian Tweed, Virginia Redden, Chad Badore, Eric Sanders, Jessie Mushrow, Kelley Anderson, Derek Watson, Liz Carter, Adam Limeburner, Samantha McInnis, Dale Brooks, Noah Murdock and Jeff Smith were credited with accomplishing more in a few hours than the league’s staff could have fit into their daily routines all spring.