The following divorces were recorded between Nov. 5, 2010 and April 6, 2011, in Fifth District Court:

Joel J. Prescott of Swanville and Sabrina M. Prescott of Morrill, married June 26, 2006, in Rockport.

Matthew Stetson of Winterport and Amy Stetson of Winterport, married Aug. 8, 1998, in Winterport. Shared parental rights of two children; primary residence with Amy Stetson.

Henry H. Leathers of Brooks and Teresa C. Leathers of Brooks, married June 14, 1997, in Unity.

Robert L. Johnson Jr. of Rockland and Sandra M. Johnson of Belfast, married June 6, 2004, in Pembroke Pines, Fla. Shared parental rights of one child; primary residence with Sandra M. Johnson.

Donald L. Woodbury of Coopers Mills and Joanne F. Woodbury of Palermo, married Feb. 18, 1989, in Albion.

Keith E. McPherson of Albion and Trisha L. McPherson of Troy, married July 10, 1999, in Bangor. Shared parental rights of and shared primary residence for two children.

Sanford A. Bush of Belfast and Gina J. Sawyer of Belfast, married Aug. 13, 2000, in Lincolnville.

Joshua Bowden of Winterport and Amy Bowden of Winterport, married Oct. 15, 2004, in Florida. Shared parental rights of two children; primary residence with Amy Bowden.

Corey Allen Field of Stockton Springs and Jessamy Ruth Field of Belfast, married April 3, 2004, in Stockton Springs. Shared parental rights of and shared primary residence for three children.

Jeffery S. Fuller of Montville and Michele L. Fuller of Montville, married Aug. 11, 1984, in Montville.

James A. Banks Jr. of Waterville and Wendy D. Hatch of Waterville, married April 4, 2008, in Waterville.

Jeffrey Louis Bruns of Troy and Stephanie Ann Wooley of Troy, married Oct. 3, 2009, in Troy

Aaron Kinsey of Harrisonburg, Va. and Rebecca Simpson Kinsey of Swanville, married Oct. 20, 2007, in Port Republic, Va. Parental rights of one child not addressed due to a Virginia court order.

Kenneth R. Curtis of Searsport and Lorri J. Curtis of Searsmont, married Nov. 27, 1987, in Montville.

Edward Ronnie Dumond of Fort Kent and Jennifer Lynn Dumond of Stockton Springs, married Aug. 2, 2008, in Orland.

Travis A. Ashey of Searsport and Kimberly Ashey of Searsport, married Oct. 22, 1999, in Frankfort.

Douglas Gary McAllister of Belfast and Cheryl Ann McAllister of Belfast, married Aug. 8, 2003, in Searsport.

Michael Chasse of Freedom and Elizabeth Dodge of Freedom, married Jan. 3, 2009, in Rangeley. Sole parental rights of one child granted to Elizabeth Dodge.

Jon Allen Johnson of Winterport and Tracey Ann Despres-Johnson of Winterport, married Oct. 12, 2007, in Freeport.

Terry W. Later of Prospect and Sandra L. Later of Prospect, married July 4, 2004, in Prospect.

Paul Taliaferro Jr. of Troy and Heather A. Taliaferro of Morrill, married Oct. 5, 2006, in Unity. Shared parental rights of and shared primary residence for two children.

Benjamin Stockwell of Swanville and Meg Stockwell of Swanville, married Sept. 1, 2001, in Belfast.

Kenneth A. Peach of Winterhaven, Fla. and Robin J. Peach of Searsport, married June 20, 1987, in Wallingford, Conn.

Everett W. Hutchinson of Frankfort and Rosalyn Hutchinson of Morrill, married April 18, 2004, in Perry.

Earl W. Leathers of Belfast and Heidi L. Leathers of Belfast, married Dec. 12, 2009, in Waldo.

Paul B. Pyle of Searsport and Shana L. Pyle of Montville, married April 2, 2007, in Thorndike. Sole parental rights of one child granted to Shana L. Pyle.

Joseph Edward Dulude of Swanville and Rebecca Jo Sprague of Swanville, married July 23, 2005, in Swanville.

Benjamin R. Kennedy of Belfast and Valerie Mank Kennedy of Searsmont, married Aug. 13, 2005, in Warren.

Terry L. Thayer of Unity and Tara M. Thayer of Monroe, married Oct. 22, 2005, in Rockport.

Charles Whitehouse of Islesboro and Anne Whitehouse of Islesboro, married Oct. 16, 1999, in Islesboro.