Camille (Howland) Mariani, the former Carmelia Fogg of Belfast and one-time writer for The Republican Journal, has self-published her latest suspense novel via AuthorHouse.

The mystery of “Astrid’s Place,” Camille Mariani’s latest novel, is whether a murder has been committed. The suspense, however, centers on a mad man who believes he can uncover a fortune in the new place that Astrid Thorpe has bought.

That place is really an old Sears model home, now in disrepair, but Astrid intends to have it renovated by a highly recommended handyman, Abram Lincoln. The work is put on hold after Abram suffers a serious shoulder injury on another job. Because he has no place to recuperate from surgery, Astrid offers him temporary residence in her house.

Their attraction to each other grows after the discovery of a diary, left behind by the home’s former owner, describing the abusive treatment received at the hands of her husband. As the pair read that diary, they begin to question what became of the man. In the meantime, a long-ago neighbor returns with a disturbing plan to do some excavating for wealth.

A former newspaper editor and college public relations director in Canton, N.Y., Mariani is a native of Maine, where her journalistic journey began at The Republican Journal, followed by several years with The Bangor Daily News, before she moved out-of-state. She lives in Florida. “Astrid’s Place,” her eighth mystery novel, is available at as well as other online book sites.

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