The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Kara M. Greer to Elizabeth A. Elliot and Lloyd Elliot

Camden National Bank to L-A Properties LLC

David M. Moore and Catherine A. Moore to Clearwater Holdings LLC.

David M. Moore and Catherine A. Moore to Clearwater Holdings LLC

Chesapeake Holdings Springbrook LLC to Allan Christ and Mary Christ

Richard B. Whiting to Gothic LLC

Molly Weaver and Theodore W. Weaver IV to Cottage & Condon LLC

Clarene E. Cousins to Clarene E. Cousins and Robert Bruce Richardson


Aaron Seton Carmichael to Janice B. Carmichael

Daniel I. Small Jr. to Leland C. Shattuck


Alice E. Rollins Est. to Bessey Development Company

Joseph J. P. Morton and Joseph P. Morton to James J. P. Morton

Rachel A. Huff to Blaine S. Huff


Gary G. Zane and Nancy S. Vosburgh to Beaver Ridge Wind LLC


Shattuck Point LLC to Bracketts & Up Island LLC


Mark S. Darling and Jayne B. Darling to Stephen S. Brodo III and Erica Lynn Brodo


CitiFinancial Inc., Mary Jeanne Emerson, Mary Jeanne Knight and Mary J. Emerson to CitiFinancial Inc.


First NA to Mark W. Siegenthaler

Mark W. Siegenthaler to Michael E. Johnson and Jan R. Johnson

Irene F. Laite Est. to Irene F. Laite Family Trust

Almquist Sisters Trust to Jason G. Hearst and Heather C. Hearst


Roger A. Jackson and Alma F. Jackson to Judith Jackson Fuller, Laura M. Jackson, Brian G. Jackson and Scott R. Jackson


Leroy E. Thomas and Beverly A. Thomas to James V. Hurd and Angela M. Hurd


Virginia Holmes and Shirley A. Glubka to Shirley A. Glubka and Virginia Holmes


Lawrence B. Dakin Sr. to Ray C. Hearne and Carolyn Hearne

Robert J. Cataldo Est. to Barbara R. Cataldo

Southstreet Development Company LLC to DCP Midstream Partners LP

Carlton J. Wiggin Jr. to William H. McElvain Jr. and Paul S. McElvain

Stockton Springs

Susan M. Spencer to James Shaver III

Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2007-NC4, Ryan A. Weymouth and Misty L. Weymouth to Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2007-NC4

Paul R. Hansen and Kathleen M. Coogan to Larry A. Sawyer Jr. and Shawna L. Sawyer

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to John R. Dudley


Options For Education to Laura Tenley Mossing and Darrell Dean Porter


Deena B. Whited to John C. Travers


OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC, Travis G. McKenney and Jill M. McKenney to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Town of Winterport to Wayne Tracy and Tammy Tracy