On May 12, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension recognized Ingraham’s Equipment in Knox for more than 20 years of commitment to safe tractor operation.

Each year in the United States, more than 100 children are killed in farm- and tractor-related deaths. The UMaine Extension has provided tractor safety education for youth in collaboration with Ingraham’s Equipment to try and prevent these accidents from happening in Maine.

“Ingraham’s Equipment has been a great host site” said Extension Professor Rick Kersbergen, who has been teaching the class. “Rodney [Ingraham] has provided both a location and the tractors and implements for the students to use. This has been an invaluable resource to the students.”

More than 200 young and adult students have taken the class since 1990. The course is designed for students age 14-16 to earn federal certification to operate farm equipment as part of their employment on a farm.

May 10, 18 students had the final exam which consisted of both a driving exam and a written exam.

For more information about safe tractor operation, contact the University of Maine Cooperative Extension at 1-800-287-1426.

For more than 90 years, University of Maine Cooperative Extension has supported UMaine’s land-grant public education role by conducting community-driven, research-based programs in every Maine county.