“The Book of the Hut” by local architect John Silverio, the first in a three-volume series, is available via Amazon.com and via a link from his website, silveriowritings.com. Signed copies will be available at Camden’s Owl & Turtle Bookshop.

“The Book of the Hut” is about primal dwelling and the essence of shelter as seen through the lens’ of early human history, mythology, poetry, fairy tales, children’s drawings and play huts. Above all, it is about how we may live today and in the future in new houses that have been influenced by an understanding of the hut, enabling people to live lightly on the earth, in harmony with the natural environment and more fully as members of the human family.

Silverio was educated at Rhode Island School of Design and also studied in Rome, Italy and at the University of Pennsylvania. After building a homestead in Lincolnville in 1973, he has worked in a small studio near his house where he has designed hundreds of homes. He was joined in this design effort in 2000 by his son Matthew. He also enjoys writing, drawing, painting, sailing and building small craft, playing the mandolin and living life with his wife, Susan.

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