The Belfast Cemetery Trustees and Superintendent Steve Boguen are working on several projects.

The trustees and Steve, along with the Belfast Garden Club, have begun the process of restoring and transforming the Chapel in Grove Cemetery into a usable meeting venue. Once the chapel is completed, their next project is to restore the old section of Grove, including repairing some of the old gravestones.

To date, they have completely refurbished the foundation and the exterior of the building to a nearly exact condition that was originally designed. The Belfast Garden Club has, for the past few years, been very committed and diligent in their efforts to bring the landscape surrounding the chapel into a usable and aesthetically pleasing area.

With a grant the club received, a deck and walkway have been added to make accessibility easier. The club has plans this year to finalize the exterior plantings and regular maintenance of the gardens surrounding the chapel.

Working with the club last year, they were able to install 16 Remembrance Trees in the general area of the chapel. Some of those trees are still available to the public, as a reminder of those loved ones lost. The club is asking for a donation to reserve each tree in a specific name.

To date, 11 trees have been already spoken for and plaques will be installed to identify the chosen people. A dedication of the Remembrance Trees will be held Saturday, May 28, at 10 a.m., and anyone is invited to attend this memorable event.

Superintendent Boguen and his crew have begun the interior cleanup and restoration of the chapel. Woodwork has been repaired and the main meeting room and foyer have received the first coat of paint. They still need to finish the original wood floors and complete some interior decorating to have the chapel become a comfortable and functional space.

We have obtained six sets of church pews from the gracious people of the United Methodist Church, which will add to the usability and atmosphere of the building and are planning on adding cushions to those pews.

They still need to re-supply the chapel with electricity and a heat source, and behind the chapel, design a pond garden and install a fountain. Once the restoration is complete, the chapel would become a focal point of the cemetery. The Belfast Cemetery Trustees wish to thank the Belfast Garden Club and volunteers for all their hard work on this project.

The Cemetery Trustees are conducting a Capital Campaign to acquire funds to finish the improvements and to set up a fund for any future needs. Donations can be sent to: Belfast City Hall, 131 Church Street, Belfast, ME 04915. Checks can be made out to: “City of Belfast”, with the notation, “Cemetery Capital Campaign”. For more information, contact the Belfast Superintendent of Cemeteries at 338-2264.