For 15 years, the city’s Arts in the Park committee selects an Artist of the Year whose work appears on the current year’s Arts in the Park poster and other publicity material. That artist also is honored with the Artist of the Year pennant on her/his tent and with special mention on the event’s website.

For 2011, the artist of the year is Lori Davis of Ellsworth, a professional photographer specializing in nature, wildlife and landscape photography. Davis has a passion for wildlife and being outdoors; and the drive to explore, travel, experience and photograph spectacular moments in nature. At an early age, her family began their work as wildlife rehabilitators and Davis felt the need to document her experiences, not only as memories but also as a way to share such amazing moments with others.

Since then, she has traveled cross country; her collection includes photographs from Alaska, the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, the Canadian Rockies and much of New England. Originally from Woodstock, Conn., is self-taught in her craft and published both nationally and internationally. She works full time as a professional photographer, sharing her work through fine art shows, galleries and shops throughout Maine and by offering photography instruction, workshops and professional printing services.

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