As summer approaches, many people are thinking about caring for their skin. Dr. Kerri Vacher will address how to create vibrant skin health for the summer and beyond at the First Light Community Midwives Office, at 137 High St. in downtown Belfast, on Tuesday, June 7, from 6-8 p.m. Recipes and samples will be available.

“Vibrant, healthy skin comes from the inside out,” said Dr. Vacher, in a press release. “And yet, there are many products out on the market for skin care that are full of toxic ingredients. I want to share information on how to use natural products, including herbs and oils, to care for your skin and leave you looking radiant.”

Dr. Vacher practices Naturopathic medicine at Belfast Natural Medicine, located at 39 Main St. in Belfast. To learn more about Dr. Vacher, attend her discussion on skin health or visit her website at