The long-awaited Village of Spaces LP/CD “Alchemy and Trust” is officially out. The Belfast-area musicians have been laboring over the songs, recordings, art, printing and more for almost three years.

Having changed name from Uke of Phillips to Uke of Spaces Corners, the band’s fourth full-length album reveals another moniker shift, to Village of Spaces. The crew collaborated with Michael Hurley, Big Blood, Ancestral Diet and Caethua on “Alchemy and Trust,” which runs 34 minutes, was recorded at The Pool Recording Studios in Portland, Ore., and Big Bloods Tank 26 studios in South Portland; and by Nemo Bidstrup at the band’s home base. Heavy trance elements are woven throughout the entire album, as opposed to hinging on the individual songs themselves.

“Alchemy and Trust” LP is co-released with three labels, including the band’s own imprint, Turned Word. The CD is released by Corleone records as six-panel digipak. For more information and to order, visit

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