Islesboro Central School, Class of 2011 and former graduates received the following scholarships awarded at the ICS graduation in early June, in the Kinnicutt Center at Islesboro Central School. Invited guests will included the graduates and proud parents, community members, staff and friends.

Islesboro Community Fund

In the past, the Community Fund has provided $500 or $1,000 to the top one or two graduates in the senior class. These have been students who have been accepted to a college or vocational school. The Islesboro Community Fund will accept applications after applicant has received all other eligible scholarships.

Rothschild (Amistad) Scholarships

As residents of the island, Robert and Maurine Rothschild have had an on-going interest in the welfare and education of the island’s young people. The Amistad Scholarship Fund provides support to graduates of Islesboro Central School who are pursuing post-secondary education studies. An effort is made to continue support for the length of the recipient’s enrollment. Recipients are chosen according to the following priorities:

• previous grantees who have successfully completed one or more years of post-secondary school and need assistance for a second, third or fourth year of equivalent school

• graduating seniors of Islesboro Central School needing financial assistance for full-time attendance at a degree-granting college or university

• The students awarded with the Amistad Scholarships were Arthur Govoni, Erica Hatch, Jason Hatch, Blaise Jenner, Olin Jenner, Maxwell Mahan, Michelle Reidy and Gerard Scherr.

Dorothy Kinnicutt Parish Scholarship

This fund was established in 1996 by the family of Mrs. Parish in her memory. Mrs. Parish was a longtime resident of Islesboro and held a deep affection for the island. Her daughters and children of her son wish to leave a legacy in her memory that would provide educational opportunities to the best qualified and most needy graduates of Islesboro Central School.

Award recipients are selected on the following criteria:

• Academic performance

• Extra-curricular activities and volunteer work

• Financial need — preference should be given to those with the greater financial need

• Career and educational goals

Awardees were Arthur Govoni and Colin Schmidt.

Carl and Gwendolyn Hammar Scholarship

The Hammar Scholarship Fund was founded in 1986 in memory of the Hammars, who in spite of financial hardships, never gave up the goal of a providing a college education to each of their three children.

It is to provide support for Islesboro residents who are graduating seniors or recent graduates of the Islesboro Central School and are enrolled in an accredited technical school or have been valedictorian of their high school graduating class and are enrolled in an accredited college, university or technical college.

This scholarship was awarded to Kacee Johnson.

Other Island Scholarships:

Islesboro combined scholarship includes monies from the Katherine Mitchell Gray; Joseph and Lavena Durkee; and Bobby and Barbara Pendleton Memorial Funds.

Katherine Mitchell Gray

This scholarship will help make post-secondary education more readily available to the best-qualified and most needy students upon graduation. The family of Katherine Mitchell Gray has established this scholarship to be awarded to a high school graduate residing on Islesboro.

This scholarship was awarded to Gerard Scherr.

Joseph and Lavina Durkee Memorial Fund

In the past, varying amounts have been given annually to a graduating senior who goes on to a post-secondary vocational training institution. If no senior goes on to vocational training, an award of $100 has been given to the highest-ranking senior who has been in the regional vocational education program. If there are no seniors in either of these categories, an award of $100 was given to the valedictorian of the graduating class.

Zoe Klewin was the recipient of this scholarship.

Bobby and Barbara Pendleton Good Citizenship Award

This award goes to any high school student graduating or otherwise who exemplifies a good citizen at Islesboro Central School and on the island.

Awarded this scholarship was Alexandra Craig.

Ruth P. Field Scholarship

This scholarship was funded with a check for $25,000 to provide scholarship support to graduates of Islesboro Central School. The interest from these funds will be used to provide scholarships for those who are either graduating seniors and residents of Islesboro requiring financial assistance to attend full-time technical or vocational school OR graduates who require financial assistance for second, third or fourth years of technical or vocational school.

Recipients for this scholarship were Jason Hatch and Arthur Govoni.

Islesboro Teachers’ Association Scholarship

In the 1994-95 school year, the Islesboro Teachers’ Association began this fund to provide additional scholarship monies to Islesboro Central School graduates as they furthered their education by pursuing post-secondary courses of study. All staff participates in various fund-raising efforts and does so willingly with the good of students’ futures in mind.

The fund has provided support each year since its inception. The dollar amount varies. It is based on interest earned and fund-raising success.

Scholarship recipients were Jason Hatch, Blaise Jenner, Olin Jenner, Maxwell Mahan, Michelle Reidy, Gerard Scherr, Peter Anderson, Ian Gallant, Nate Gorham, Holden Rogers and Emily Thomas.

Giovanni D’Aló Scholarship

On May 29, 2010, Giovanni D’Aló was driving home through the streets of Rome at 2:20 a.m. Seeing what he thought was a couple arguing, he drove around the square again instead of continuing on his way. At that moment, he saved the life of a stranger.

The life he saved by his acuity, bravery, and kindness was that of Lilias Bonechi. She was savagely beaten and kicked by a man following her off her bus home.

Giovanni D’Aló is a music critic and journalist for La Republica newspaper, a musicologist, and advisor to La Sapienza University in Rome. Therefore, in his name, was created the Giovanni D’Aló Scholarship.


To be eligible for a Giovanni D’Aló Scholarship, applicants must be a graduating senior, a previous graduate of Islesboro Central School, or resident of Islesboro.

Criteria for Selection:

Priorities are: must be continuing or beginning studies in post secondary music or journalism, or be working toward writing or music as a career; academic achievement; and financial need.

Giovanni D’Aló Scholarship was awarded to Richard Coombs.

Ansley Bell Memorial Scholarship

Established recently, in of the memory of a little girl who loved all aspects of life. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior of the Islesboro Central School who plans to pursue a post-secondary education through the University of Maine System.

The recipients were Michelle Reidy, Gerard Scherr and Heather Gebhardt.

Other Community Scholarships:

Island Institute

The Island Institute Scholarship Fund offers renewable scholarship support to students from Maine’s fourteen year-round un-bridged island communities who are attending post-secondary education at a two or four-year college, university or vocational/technical institution.

Jason Hatch, Maxwell Mahan, Michelle Reidy, Gerard Scherr, Heather Gebhardt, Nathan Gorham, Erica Hatch, Kacee Johnson, Shawna Johnston, Colin Schmidt, and ***Emily Thomas.

*** Peter and Cynthia Kellogg Scholarship: recognizing academic excellence and an interest in the fields of business and finance.

Senator George J. Mitchell Scholar

The Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute gives out 129 scholarship awards, one to a graduating senior from every public high school in the state, each year. Scholarship awards are up to $6,000. This year there were more than 1,000 applications and the quality of the application pool was very high. This year’s Mitchell Scholar from Islesboro Central School is Jason Hatch.

MELMAC Education Foundation Principal’s Scholarship

To be used as a student pursues post-secondary education in recognition of your contributions to your high school, your community in which you live and to the lives of others.

This scholarship was awarded to Jason Hatch.

Maine Masonic Scholarship Program

In the past, the Grand Lodge of Maine and the Islesboro Lodge have provided $1,500 scholarships to one third of the graduating seniors who has been accepted in a college or vocational school. The criteria that the committee will consider are leadership, citizenship, financial need and scholastic achievement.

This year’s recipient is Michelle Reidy.

Maine Sea Coast Mission Scholarship

The Maine Sea Coast Mission has been providing scholarships to students from the islands and coastal communities of Downeast Maine since 1918. It has provided more than $1 million in scholarships since that time.

Scholarships are available to high school students enrolling in degree programs and to non-traditional students of all ages taking specialized courses to prepare for advancement in a variety of fields. The Mission’s scholarships are available for all four years of college. This is unusual. Most scholarships are only available for a single year.

Scholarships were awarded to Jason Hatch and Gerard Scherr.