On Thursday, May 26, the RSU 3 Adult and Community Education Program celebrated another annual commencement ceremony in which 10 people graduated with either a GED or adult education high school diploma, and after the ceremony the program received results on the last few test scores from an eleventh.

Two of these students were Richard Littlefield of Waldo and Shannon Blake Williams of Swanville. Two marchers who had both participated in SPICE (Students and Parents In Cooperative Education), Preston Cole and Richard Littlefield, scored highly enough on their GED total averages to make them GED Honor Society recipients. A third GED Prep Class student, Cheyenne Dickey, has also achieved that honor due to high scores.

The SPICE Family Literacy Program will be operating somewhat differently in the future, since Congress has de-funded Even Start. As the result, SPICE will become a school year program starting in the fall of 2011.

The virtual learning center will still be in service for the summer, with limited Adult Education instructor monitoring for students who need to continue their education through the summer.