Recently, the University of Maine recognized nearly 2,000 students for achieving Dean’s List honors in the Spring 2011 semester.

Of the 1,938 students who made the Deans List, 1,669 are from Maine, 200 are from out of state, and 69 are from foreign countries.

The following students from Waldo County achieved Dean’s List honors:

Belfast — Kallie Aldus, Thimothy Arbo, Julia Clapp, Brittney Cummings, Nancy Falvey, Lindsey Faulkingham, Lassell Henry, Alexander Morrow, Jillian Morrow, Lynette Pendleton, Brian Philbrook, Kathryn Snow and Sierra Ventura.

Belmont — Brooke Reed.

Brooks — Gabrielle Simoneau and Alicia Sousa.

Burnham — Kristy Huff.

Frankfort — Hillary Hoyt.

Freedom — Breana Bennett and Kayla Jones.

Knox — Nicole Kenney.

Lincolnville — Sylvia Hise, Jakob Low, Renee Moody and Gregory Polk.

Monroe — Ashley Bryant, Justin Butterfield, Devon Cole, Eben Estell, Anne Marchini, Mary Marchini and Gregory Pellerin.

Montville — Margaret Bonella, Adrienne Fine, Carly Jackson and Sophie Veilleux.

Morrill — Katherine Anderson and Hannah Maker.

Northport — Abigail Martin, Megan Nealey and Joshua Ramsey.

Palermo — Brooke Glidden and Jenna Mae Marcellino.

Prospect — Terren Hall and Michelle Pickoski.

Searsmont — Russell Ackerman, Desiree Arnold and Dylan Lindsey.

Searsport — Kali Berenyl, Amanda Chaney, Casey Middleswart, Michelle Murnane, Kyle Parks and Nandrea Zito.

Stockton Springs — Marisa Higgins, Edith Kershner and Jessica Libby.

Thorndike — Amanda Mayhew.

Unity — Angela Nason and Pamela Sprague.

Waldo — Heather Bryant, Thomas Crossman, Elizabeth Joy, Samantha Slack and Jennifer Townsend.

Winterport — Heather Adams, Kasey Belcher, Sage Brown, Christopher Burns, Corey Cole, Paula Lambert, Sean Miller, Mariah Mills, Christopher Phinney, Sara Pomeroy and Gavin Speaker.