Unity Barn Raisers is working to help ensure access to nutritious food in Waldo County. Thanks to funding from the Maine Community Foundation’s Waldo County Community Fund, UBRs’ Veggies For All project has added a Community Hunger Relief Assist position for this growing season.

Founder and Field Manager Tim Libby is looking forward to the improvements this position will bring to the project, according to a press release from the organization.

“Having another person with the project enables us to do even more in the field than ever before,” he said, in the press release. “We look forward to having this intern alongside us managing the vegetables and getting them out of the field at the end of the season. We are also looking forward to the help with project development that this person will provide us as we look forward to future seasons.”

Last year, the third year of operation for Veggies For All, the project yielded a harvest of more than 15,000 pounds of fresh produce. Most of this produce was distributed through the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry, a pantry located in Unity serving residents from more than 11 towns at its monthly distribution.

This represented a significant increase in production from years past. This increase was a result of many factors, including the creation of a partnership between Unity Barn Raisers and Unity College. The college provided on-campus space for the development of gardens for this project and provided staffing assistance to the project through its Food and Farm Project Coordinator, Sara Trunzo.

With the addition of a Community Hunger Relief Assistant this year, the press release reported, the program can be sure that it can continue to produce at this level during this growing season and in future years.

“The college is excited to provide space and support to UBRs’ Veggies For All project,” explained Trunzo, in the press release, “because it’s able to complement Unity College’s agriculture and natural resources curricula by offering hands-on, service-learning experiences to students at a variety of levels.”

Kate Coseo, the project’s new Community Hunger Relief Assistant, is looking forward to digging into this project, according to the press release.

“I’m really excited to be part of the Veggies For All project,” she said, in the press release. “I think it’s fantastic that the community and the Waldo County Fund supports such important work.”

“The Veggies For All program of Unity Barn Raisers is a fine example of community collaboration providing a benefit to a maximum number of recipients, and it goes a long way toward fulfilling MCF’s mission of strengthening Maine by working in partnership with donors and community groups,” said Waldo County Community Fund Committee Chairman Mike Nickerson in the press release.

Veggies For All has many volunteer opportunities throughout the growing season; those interested in participating can contact ubr@uninets.net or 948-9005.

Unity Barn Raisers is a 501(c)(3) community betterment organization established in 1996 that believes that a community working together can significantly improve the quality of life for its residents now and for generations to come. To find out more, visit unitybarnraisers.org.