Lincolnville Central School students Christian Curit, Payton Foss and Abigail Dare and Morrill Elementary School student Tyler Ellsworth were sponsored this year by Lincolnville Police Chief Ron Young and the Lincolnville Police Department to attend Camp Postcard.

Postcard stands for Police Officers Striving To Create And Reinforce Dreams, and the camp is an annual initiative provided by law enforcement at no cost to families. This year’s camp was held in Aggazis Village, a summer camp in Poland.

Camp Postcard is a mentoring program directed toward fifth- and sixth-graders, helping them build relationships, learn life skills, change their perceptions of law enforcement, reduce high school dropout rates, and improve literacy and college acceptance rates.

Children participate in week-long activities including boating, swimming, recreational activities, knot tying, lessons in food nutrition, and dance and game activities in the evening.

Camp partners — the Maine Sheriffs’ Association, Maine DARE Officers Association, and Maine Chiefs of Police Association, along with more than 60 law enforcement officers, social workers, and public safety officers — donate their time each June as volunteer camp leaders.

Officer Curt Andrick took three of the participants to camp on June 18. Young picked the students up in Poland June 24 for the return trip home. The children were a bit tired, but all had an enjoyable time at camp.