Food for Life nutrition and cooking classes will be offered in the Education Center at Waldo County General Hospital on four Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30, beginning July 27. Participants will get to sample 24 recipes.

The classes will be taught by MiMi McGee of Appleton, who has a Culinary Arts degree from Johnson & Wales University and is a Food for Life cooking instructor for The Cancer Project.

The Cancer Project is a program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a national non-profit led by physicians that works to promote disease prevention and survival through a growing outreach program that focuses on comprehensive plant-based nutrition education for the public and health care communities.

The four classes are:

• Introduction to How Foods Fight Cancer: Numerous studies have shown that a diet built from plant foods offers the most cancer-fighting protection of any diet plan. In this class, you will learn about the right food choices that can help reduce the risk of developing cancer as well as overcome the disease after it has been diagnosed.

• Fueling Up on Low-Fat, High-Fiber Foods: Steering clear of meat, dairy products, fried foods and other fatty fair is an important first step in preventing and surviving cancer. In this class, you will learn how to prepare delicious, low-fat dishes made from whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

• Discovering Dairy and Meat Alternatives: When cancer researchers started to search for links between diet and cancer, one of the most noticeable findings was that people who avoided meat and diary products were much less likely to develop the disease. In this class, you will explore a variety of vegetarian sources of protein, all of which are low in fat, high in fiber and loaded with cancer-fighting nutrients.

• Cancer-Fighting Compounds and Health Weight Control: Studies have shown that slimmer people are less likely to develop cancer and trimming excess weight may also improve survival after cancer has been diagnosed. In this class, you will learn about healthy dishes loaded with immune-boosting nutrients, along with how to easily and naturally maintain a health weight and a cancer-fighting nutritional regimen.

The cost of the four-class series is $60 per person. Scholarships are available. To sign up or to get more information, call Barbara Crowley at 930-2650 or Hester Kohl at 930-2514 or email: