The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between June 23 and June 30:


Robert Miles to Nikadimus D. Cody

Linda L. Smith to Kurt A. Payson and Brandi J. Ludden

Frances A. Riley, Roland A. Littlefield, Linda L. Rogers and Linda L. Littlefield to Roland A. Littlefield and Jennifer J. Littlfield

Valeria Leonidovna Zhutova to Alex Joutov

JJL Management Corporation to Waldo Community Action Partners

Chesapeake Holdings Springbrook LLC to Deborah A. Upson

Susan Macleod Boger, Susan Macleod Boger Shammas, Katherine C. Boger, George Kerr Boger III, Katherin Elizabeth Boger Drake, Joanne Boger, Mary Boger, Mary Margaret Boger Fawgi, Douglas Coombs Boger, John Thomas Boger, Rebecca Ann Boger, Ann Boger, Stephanie Doire and Karl D. Boger HRS to Russell L. Kahn


Jerry M. Leeman and Jerry M. Ripley to Trevor M. Ripley


Amy C. Spencer to Kenneth Meldon Spencer


Centracchio Realty Associates to Annie M. Craddock and Steohen M. Craddock

Town of Lincolnville to Susan C. French and Leonard H. Williams


Regan A. Russell to Bethany Couturier


Point Lookout LLC to Athena Point Lookout LLC

Bruce E. Smith, Emerson L. Smith and Robert A. Smith to Emerson L. Smith, Robert A. Smith and David B. Smith

Amsel at Northport LLC to Jon M. Poto


Jacqueline R. Moody, James H. Smith, Sandra J. Van Compornel, Jerrylynn K. Patterson and Sheryl A. Robinson to Gertrude R. Smith

Gertrude R. Smith to Dennis W. Moody Jr.

Stockton Springs

Pamela J. Robbins to Raymond Pomeroy Sr. and Raymond Pomeroy Jr.


Oak Hill Estates Inc. to Robert Schroy

Timothy J. Adkins and Brianne S. Adkins to Ronald Tufo and Nancy Tufo


Richard K. Carter and Lloyd E. Carter to Alice N. Trott

Eric V. Dattilio to Dattilio Family Trust

Jean M. Semeraro and Joseph R. Semeraro to Randy G. Bryant and Terry L. Bryant


Emma Stevens to Craig Stevens


Christopher W. Chaput, Margaret S. Chaput and Margaret C. Skelly to Heather L. Leach


Hope A. Richards to Dale D. Rowley and Sharon Rowley