The July BCTV-2 survey results are in and viewership is up, according to a press release from the community television organization.

The survey is comprised of 100 Belfast residents, whose names are chosen at random from the local telephone directory. Seventy-five percent of cable subscribers watch the station compared with 36 percent in the earlier survey.

Sixteen percent watch often and 46 percent watch occasionally, according to the press release, which BCTV-2 reports is a substantial increase from the September 2010 survey where 10 percent watched often and 15 percent watched occasionally.

A new question on the survey revealed that more people are using the Internet for program viewing. Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed, according to the press release, reported using a combination of both Internet (station website and and television to receive programming.

BCTV-2 is pleased to learn that public awareness and viewership is on the rise, the press release states, and it intends to keep bringing quality programming to the community as it goes forward into the future.

BCTV-2 is always looking for local programming. Anyone who would like to produce a show, has previously produced video that can be aired on the station or just wants to share ideas for local shows is welcome to call 323-2430. Also, be sure to visit for more viewing options.

Donations to the station are greatly appreciated and can be mailed to Belfast Community Television, P.O. Box 1075, Belfast, ME 04915.