The sixth annual Women’s Works evening of contemporary dance, titled this year “Beneath the Dirt,” will offer solos, group pieces and ensemble work by female choreographers and performers at the Belfast Dance Studio, 109 High St. This year’s show also features live music by the Tremolino Trio, which performs the beautiful Portuguese music known as fado.

There will be an open dress rehearsal of Women’s Works: “Beneath the Dirt” Thursday, July 21 at 7 p.m.; and performances with Tremolino Trio Friday and Saturday, July 22 and 23 at 7 p.m. Admission, cash only at the door, will be $10 for the rehearsal and $15 for the performances. For more information and reservations, call 323-8499.

Women’s Works founder and producer Shana Bloomstein will perform “Tying the knot,” which explores the roots of commitment and the journey taken to move beyond fear into freedom. Bloomstein also presents a new ensemble piece, “Light and Mud,” with live music by Tremolino Trio featuring Leslie Stein, Jim MacDonald and Chris Marshall. Traditional  fado music is juxtaposed with modern dance to explore the connection we have to our land, to the water, the trees and the earth.

Heléna Melone presents “A Duende.” The earth spirit, a mischievous “faerie” from Iberian folklore, is as paradoxical and mysterious as Nature itself, luring children into forests and  helping those lost find their way.

Katenia Keller will show two works, “Our Lady of Intuition” and :A Short History of Warnings,” based on the paintings of the same title by Robert Shetterly. She also will perform a trio with Lisa Newcomb and Joan Proudman, “About Time,” that explores the experience of aging. This is mirrored by a companion work with younger artists Bloomstein, Jesse Phillips-Fein and Alexandra Alysia Pitre. In addition, Pitre has created “Red Blues and a solo, “In the cold.”

Aside from these trios, Proudman will present “Woods End,” a dance about the clear-cutting going on around her home in Freedom; and Bethany Louisos-Daniels performs “heal with me,” a process-based piece that challenges her as an artist/emotional being to share honestly with the audience.

Finally, Phillips-Fein’s “Appendix One” is physicalization of “Appendix One: The Methods of NonViolent Action” from “From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation” by Gene Sharp. Originally published in Bangkok in 1993 by the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma, the text which is available via the Internet and was used by the organizers in the recent Egyptian people’s uprising.

About the artists

Bloomstein, originally from Freedom, began moving in preschool with Newcomb and never stopped. As a teenager, she performed professionally with Arthur Hall and in Stella Dance Theatre. She continued her studies at Hampshire College, where she met Nia Love (Fulbright Fellow). Bloomstein moved to New York City to join Love for four years as an original member of Blacksmith’s Daughter Dance Theatre. She has performed and collaborated across the country with Phillips-Fein and Sarah Sibley; and studied in Senegal, West Africa, with Cheik M’Baye. Bloomstein works as a full-time PTA and LMT by day and a performer/choreographer and dance/yoga teacher by night. She currently teaches dance and yoga at the Belfast Dance Studio, Unity College and as a guest at the Robinson Ballet Company. Bloomstein performs throughout the state as a solo artist and with the dance/drum group Djump!

Keller has created and performed 13 original full-length dance works with her company Flying Feet Dance Theatre and is choreographer and dance director for Maine Dance Institute. She works as a Dance Artist-in-Residence for Maine Alliance for Arts Education and is a juried Maine Arts Commission Touring and Education Artist.   She also is a painter and has painted a series  of 22 paintings published as Pythias Sacred Geometry Tarot.

Louisos-Daniels is a multi-disciplinary dancer who is dedicated to the accessibility of dance. She grew up folk dancing with her family and has trained in various programs all her adult life. She graduated UMass Amherst with a degree in dance and culture and had the humbling privilege to study with great movement artists/activists from around the world since graduation. The mother of baby Dezzi has been performing, choreographing and teaching with the Maine contemporary dance companies Collective Motion and Bell and Buoy Physical Theater in Portland.

Melone, an international performer and teacher, specializes in American and fusion styles of belly dance as well as flamenco and has fused these idioms into an original signature style, Flamenco-Belly fusion, which she has taught throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom. Melone was interviewed for her knowledge of flamenco for the novel “Flamenco Academy,” as well as for Oprah magazine, and was selected to participate in the American Top Belly Dancer competition. Though having studied widely in the United States and in Turkey, Egypt and Spain, water remains her primary teacher of grace and fluidity.

Phillips-Fein is from Brooklyn, New York.  She studied modern dance at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Smith College and Laban Centre in London, England; and currently learns Haitian, Cuban and West African dances from teachers Peniel Guerrier, Richard Gonzalez and Nia Love. Her own choreography has been produced at many New York City theaters, received funding and support from the Brooklyn Arts Council, Lower Manhattan Cutural Council, the Puffin Foundation and Dance Theater Workshop. In addition to her own work, she has collaborated and performed with other choreographers in spaces and places from rooftops to city piers. She currently teaches middle and high school dance at Brooklyn Friends School.

Proudman trained with the Classical Ballet Academy of Connecticut, the Hartford Ballet and the Boston Ballet. With BBC, she performed at the Music Hall and the Lyric Opera Company of Chicago. In Maine, Proudman joined Oxygen Debut Dance Company, Portland Ballet and Ram Island Dance Company. She was a ballet teacher at Portland Ballet, Island Dance and People to People Dance; and a creative movement and modern dance instructor and a creative movement and modern dance instructor with Bossov Ballet and Belfast Dance Studio. A graduate of USM in fine arts, Proudman also works as a Photoshop artist and illustrator.

Pitre has performed a bit and studied a bit more, but she really just likes to move her body.

Newcomb is a teacher, dancer and the director and owner of the Belfast Dance studio for the past 25 years.

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