The students in Rhonda Bishop Wood’s second-grade class at the Nickerson School wrote about what makes them special.

The students, according to Wood, dedicated their special writings to Carrie White, custodian at the Nickerson School.

The students reported, “She keeps our school in tip top condition, takes the time to listen when we have a problem and always finds something positive to say. Thank you for being such a caring friend.”

Special kid

By Destiny, age 8

I’m good at eating chocolate ice cream. I love making people laugh! I’m good at taking care of my cats, dogs and guinea pigs. I feed them and water them and I know when their birthdays are so I give them little treats. I’m awesome at riding my bike. I can do poppa wheelies and spin-outs. I help my dad clean up the yard. I help my mom pack up because we’re moving. One more thing! Most of all I am a special kid.

What makes me special?

By Daisy

I am 8 and I can do somersaults. I am good at art. My birthday is on August 11th. I took ballet class and I went to soccer practice. I had fun in second grade because I liked going on the field trips. I also liked recess and mini-recess. I liked DEAR time the best because I could read any book that I wanted to. I also liked my home visit. It was fun showing Mrs. Wood my room. Another special thing about me is my family. I have two cats, a sister who is 6, and my mom is a good cook. She’s the best!

A special helper

By Hayden, age 8

I am good at helping my dad at work. We clean houses for the bank so they can sell them. I am good at driving my four-wheeler and my grandmother’s truck. My favorite color is purple. I am good at wrestling. I love math! I wouldn’t have done better at reading without Ms. Carmen’s help. I like to play with my dog JD. I’ve got a lot of good, funny and cool friends. Second grade was awesome. This has been a good year.

A happy girl

By Katrina, age 7

I am good at art. I make colorful pictures. I love puppies. I am going to N.H. My birthday is on August 18. I can do a somersault, but I can’t do a handstand. I’m good at jumping on the trampoline with my little sister. My pioneer name is Mary. My Grammy is named Mary too! I am a happy girl. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I go to Girl Scouts. My mom is one of the leaders and my Aunt Theresa is the other one.

What I am good at

By Cordell, age 8

I can drive a tractor. I am good at boxing. I am really good at wrestling. I like dogs and cats. I like math, especially geometry. I can play the violin and the drums. I can run for two miles. I am good at fixing up old cars. I am happy that school is getting out. I am going to the summer beach party. I hope that some of my friends will be there.

I am so special

By Madison, age 8

I am special because I have good friends. My favorite color is blue. I have four goats, three bunnies, and 38 chickens. I like playing with my little sister Gracie. I like playing with my friend Reagan. She is the best BFF ever! I’m good at helping my mom bake cookies, pizza, donuts and cake. I loved grade two. I enjoyed studying about the rainforest. I liked writing in my journal because it’s nice and calming. Lunch bunch was so much fun. I’m glad that I am so special!

I am special

By Mariah, age 7

I am special because I can play the piano, drums, saxophone, and the guitar. I am really good at math. I learned a lot of things this year like borrowing, carrying, fractions and division. I am also good at taking care of my little sister. I am good at gymnastics. I can hang upside down on the monkey bars for a long time. I am good at baking. I have fun with my Aunt Heidi. I have nice friends. I have a special family. I am also good at climbing trees. I love riding my bike. I also like spending time with my mom.

I am special in art

By Jacob, age 7

I am special because I do art. My favorite color is blue. I learned how to dribble a basketball. My birthday is on June 23. I’m going to have a party and invite all of my friends. I have a bunny named Bugs. I feed him and give him water. I like to spend time with my Grammy. She makes good cookies! I think Sponge Bob is funny. I like to write about him in my journal.

I am special for a lot of reasons

By Mackenzie, age 7

I am special at helping my mom at home. I am good at washing the dishes while she is giving my baby sister a bath. I am also special because I have six brothers! I’m an athlete in soccer. I love gymnastics. I am a good swimmer. I liked studying about pioneers and the Oregon Trail. I am good at telling time. I can do a lot of coloring in one hour. Another reason I’m special is because I help my mom with her problems. She appreciates my help and so does my dad!

A special family

By Lauren, age 8

I am special because I help dogs, cats, and I help my family too. I help all kinds of animals because I love them a lot. I love to draw. My birthday is on December 1. I like ice cream. My favorite flavor is chocolate. My family is the best family in the world. Their names are Lindsay, Logan, Zoey, and Quinn. My mom’s and dad’s names are Courtney and Kevin. They are the best! They are all special just like me.

My special life

By Ethan, age 7

I am very good in math. I love Pokemon. I am good at driving my Grandpa’s white truck. I am good at basketball. I will go to the Searsport Summer Recreation Program. I am writing a book. It is called, “The Monster Marshmallows.” It is funny so far. I love to draw. I like hamsters, chipmunks and dogs. Oh, and squirrels too. I like to go fishing with my dad and my Ga. I once caught a barracuda that was taller than me. It weighed about 65 pounds. My life is cool!

A special visit with my dad

By Emberlyn, age 7

I get to go to my dad’s house in Biddeford this summer. I will go to the pool when I’m there. I will get a new dog. It will be a golden retriever. My dad will give me money to buy things for her. I also have a dog named Hannah. She will be so happy to see me. I will give her lots of hugs and kisses. I will take care of my animals and feed them. I will help my father wash the dishes. I will pick up the whole entire house. I cannot wait to visit my dad.

My special dog

By Hunter, age 8

I am special because I have a dog. His name is Ruger. I change his food dish and give him water. I play with him. It is fun to play with him every day. I play ball with him all day even when school is out. I like to go swimming with him in my Great Grammy Flood’s pond. Another special thing about me is that I can throw a fastball.

I love being special

By Stella, age 7

I am special because I know how to play the piano, guitar and violin. I am a very good artist. I am a top reader too. I have a lot of animals at home. I have 12 pets! I play school a lot. I love to go swimming. I go to summer camp every year at the YMCA. This year I will go to Camp Koda. It will be so much fun. I am very flexible. I love doing back bends, handstands and cartwheels. I help my dad and mom everyday. My dad is a gardener. I love helping him plant seeds in his garden. I help my mom clean the house. I love horses and pandas. I love reading fairy tales and stories. I love being special!

Why I am special

By John, age 8

I am a good artist. I love to paint and color. I’m good at swimming. I like recess. I love gymnastics. I can do lots of cartwheels. I was in the talent show at school. I love birds. I like my hair long. I will have a new baby sister in July. My birthday is on November 5, and I really like birthday cake. I really loved it when we had mini-recess in grade two.

I’m special because…

By Leah, age 8

I am special because I can swim underwater, I can ride my bike and I can drive a four-wheeler. I love puppies because they are cute. I like playing with my friends and cousins, helping my mom when she needs help finding things, doing hard math, writing in my journal, baking with my mom, helping my dad and helping untangle Gabriella’s leash. (She’s my silly dog.) My favorite colors are red, white and blue. I am special because I have a good teacher, I can swing, and climb rocks, walls and fences. That’s why I’m special.

Special at many things

By Deziray-Elizabeth, age 7

I am special because I help my mom take care of my baby sister, Zady. I like to have races with my sister, Elyza. My sisters are fun to play with. I am good at riding my bike fast. My birthday is on September 9. I like my hair that’s long. I like going swimming because it’s so fun. I go to field hockey in the summer. I am really good at math. I liked studying about the pioneers and Germany. I love to play with my dogs so much. My mom and dad are the best. I am special because I get a lot of treats. I love to do art projects whenever I feel like it. I have a best friend named Nina. I am special because I get to have a lot of sleep overs. They are fun to have.