Like many people this time of year, Sue Blais and her husband Nap at Shakey Ledge Farm are busy in the garden. But they are raising more than vegetables to sell, or put away for the winter.

They have begun a project called The Good Harvest, under the Maine Harvest for Hunger Program. Along with the help of other gardeners and farmers in the area, they plan to make fresh vegetables available free to those who otherwise couldn’t enjoy them. The seeds and seedlings were donated. It’s even a family project as Sue’s sister, Nancy Clark, is also growing extra to donate to the project.

The seedlings are in the ground. The weather is warming. Soon it will be time to begin harvesting and distributing the food. If you, or someone you know in the wider Belfast area, is unable to tend a garden, or is unable to get out to buy fresh vegetables, call Debbie Mitchell, 338-1255. They will be delivered to those who can’t get out to get them.

If you would like to volunteer to deliver vegetables, would like to help Sue with the garden, or perhaps have extra produce to share, you may also give Debbie a call.