Students at the University of Maine at Augusta who earned Dean’s List status for the spring 2011 semester have been announced by Interim Provost Joseph Szakas.

To be on the Dean’s List, a student must earn a 3.25 grade-point average for a given semester and must be enrolled as a full-time student.

Students from Waldo County who were named to the Dean’s List include:

Belfast: Terri Lemieux, Heather Marlow, Shannon Marriner, Andrew Radford, Kali Rocheleau and Melissa Wallace.

Belmont: Jeremiah Lindelof.

Freedom: Ramona King.

Knox: Rurik Brackett.

Liberty: Kristie Anderson, Tristen Ripley and Jeffrey Weinberger.

Lincolnville: Michael Johnson and Ryan Nisbet.

Lincolnville Center: Kimberly Grinnell.

Montville: Zahara Coddington and April Doughty.

Morrill: Seth Howard.

Palermo: Shawna Grady.

Searsport: Byron Gray, Allison Murnane and Donna Stimpson.

Winterport: Sara Thibodeau.