A man was taken by helicopter to a Bangor hospital after he fell from some scaffolding at the Penobscot Marine Museum Thursday, July 7, according to a Searsport ambulance official.

Service Chief Corey Morse said first responders initially received a report late that morning that a person was pinned under something at the museum. It turned out, though, that a person Morse described as an “older gentleman” had fallen 10-12 feet off of some scaffolding in the museum’s boathouse, located between Church and Reservoir streets.

Privacy requirements prohibited Morse from releasing the man’s identity, and Liz Lodge, the museum’s executive director, declined to identify the individual, citing the same reasons as Morse.

Morse said his understanding is that the man was a volunteer at the museum, but said he did not know exactly what the man was doing while on the scaffolding. Lodge confirmed the man was a volunteer, and said he was working on a building project with a staff member present.

Morse said the volunteer appeared to have landed flat on his back as a result of the fall, and that he was complaining of back pain when ambulance personnel arrived.

Fire and police personnel were also dispatched, initially, when it was believed the person was pinned. Morse said once ambulance personnel were able to get access to where the man was, however, it was a “fairly easy rescue.”

Morse said ambulance personnel were on scene for about 10 minutes and then headed to the Belfast airport, where they met up with LifeFlight helicopter a few minutes after their arrival. Morse said the helicopter transport was requested because the patient was experiencing some “neurological changes in his feet and legs.”