Midcoast painters and long-time friends Kerstin Engman and Jerri Finch will join forces in “Split Complement,” a plein air exhibition opening Friday, July 22. Running two consecutive weekends, the show will feature new oils manifesting Engman’s and Finch’s radically different but highly complementary visions of the Maine landscape.

Mounted in conjunction with Open Garden Days, “Split Complement” will be on view in the lush gardens and studio located at 33 Battery Road Fridays through Sundays, July 22 through 31, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 338-1060.

After 25 years as a figurative sculptor, Engman shifted disciplines and returned to a two-dimensional exploration begun as an undergrad at the Maine College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design. Engman’s process involves manipulating her own digitally captured compositions until a certain light condition is struck and the sense of the territory is explained. From these studies come the subtle and enigmatic dotted paintings painstakingly created in her studio.

“Concurrently, a separate body of work has focused on the mundane object seen or used daily. Through unconventional color assignment, I hope to encourage the viewer to perceive the subject intimately and as something more than ordinary,” said Engman, who teaches in the University of Maine system.

Finch, after honing a decades-long career as an acrylic airbrush artist creating large corporate commissions, turned her sights inward and began an examination between color and light and brush strokes in much smaller oils. Figuring largely in her richly toned and lush studies of water, landscapes, flowers and interiors are her gardens, which provide the setting for the exhibition.

“I am surrounded by such inspiration. The ocean, my gardens and fields around my home offer a never-ending supply of possibilities,” said Finch.

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