A Searsport man was arrested late Sunday night, July 17 after he allegedly assaulted two men that he mistook for police officers and shed his clothing while trying to run away from the scene.

Victor M. Amaro, 29, of Searsport was arrested on two counts of refusing to submit to arrest and one charge of assault. Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said that Amaro was detained on a probation hold because he was on probation at the time of his alleged offenses.

Cunningham said police initially received a report from an individual on Smart Road stating that Amaro was violating his probation because he was drinking. That call came in just after 11:30 p.m. Saturday, according to Amaro’s arrest record.

When officers Roy Smith and Dan Fitzpatrick arrived at the residence, Cunningham said, Amaro had already left the scene on foot.

While at the residence gathering information, Cunningham said, police received another complaint of a disturbance a short distance down Smart Road. Upon further investigation, Cunningham said, the officers learned Amaro had allegedly assaulted two men who were walking down the road because Amaro thought they were police officers.

Cunningham said neither of the men was seriously hurt, but that one of the men had his glasses broken and both suffered some bruising as a result of their alleged encounter with Amaro.

The two men pointed Smith in the direction that their alleged assailant had headed, and within a few minutes, Cunningham said, Smith located Amaro walking in the dark a short distance away. Cunningham said Smith yelled for Amaro to stop, and for a moment, Amaro complied. He then started walking away again, Cunningham said, and Smith warned Amaro that he was calling for a police K9 to assist with tracking him.

Despite the warning, Amaro continued to move away from the officer, Cunningham said.

When the K9 arrived and began tracking Amaro along the roadside, Cunningham said, it soon became apparent where Amaro was headed.

“They kept coming across articles of clothing; sneakers, a shirt,” said Cunningham.

The K9 eventually followed Amaro’s scent and trail of clothing into the swale around the nearby river, Cunningham said, and at that point Amaro was wearing only his boxer shorts.

“He might’ve been getting ready to go swimming,” said Cunningham.

Despite Amaro’s limited attire, Cunningham said, he continued to resist arrest and at one point he reportedly lay down on the ground on his stomach with his hands locked in front of him in an apparent effort to avoid being handcuffed.

That effort was unsuccessful, however, and Amaro was taken to the Waldo County Jail.