With an oversized red, white and blue wrench in hand, self-proclaimed “low-profile” presidential candidate John Davis swung through Belfast Thursday morning, July 21 to deliver his message that America is in need of repair.

“I’m okay with not being in the typical media-political dog fight. I’d rather be on the road listening to what the people have to say,” said the conservative Republican from Grand Junction, Colo.

Waldo County was one of many stops on Davis’ campaign trail, as he plans to take his “Votercade” grass roots tour to all 3,143 counties in the United States. So far, Davis has visited with thousands of people, traveled more than 34,000 miles on the road in 800 counties of 21 states.

Davis said in his pre-visit press release that he is fine with his fringe candidate status because he feels the American people do not want a career politician in office. What people do seem to want, he said, is someone who can make tough decisions and “fix America.”

“We’re spreading the seeds around and it’s starting to grow,” he said.

While visiting with Waldo County residents in downtown Belfast, Davis and his wife Debra took a walking tour of the downtown area, and had their photos taken in front of the Belfast Police Department and Post Office.

Most people the Davis’ encounter are happy to share their feelings on the state of the country and the economy, but Debra Davis said there are always a few people who are skeptical they are meeting a man who is making a serious bid for the Oval Office.

“When John introduces himself he usually says, ‘Hi, I’m John Davis and I’m running for President of the U.S.’,” said Debra Davis, in an email. “One of the ladies he talked to in Belfast said, ‘Yeah, so am I, I hope one of us wins.’  It’s pretty hard for people to believe that a guy on the street is really running for President.”