Belfast was one of several destinations in Maine last week for John Davis, a conservative Republican who is using a person-to-person approach to get his message out to voters across the country.

The self-proclaimed low-profile candidate, armed with a giant red-white-and-blue wrench and traveling in a quite conspicuous bus, plans to visit all 3,143 counties in the United States. Davis has already visited more than 800 counties in 21 states as part of his effort.

While he may not be enjoying the same widespread exposure and national media attention as some of his fellow Republican competitors — Michele Bachman and Mitt Romney, for example — we find it refreshing that someone who is making a bid for the Oval Office finds it important enough to seek out voters from all over the country and listen to their concerns, face-to-face. And not just in early primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Davis’ wife Debra commented on how some folks react with disbelief when her husband, while wielding his giant patriotically decorated pipe wrench to signal his belief that the country is in need of repair, introduces himself as a 2012 presidential candidate. Aside from the presence of the wrench, most locals find it unusual to see any presidential hopefuls actively campaigning around these parts. But we’re glad Davis did.

Even if his effort to land the main job in the White House doesn’t get him past the primaries, and leaving aside his proposed policies, there is something to be said for reaching out to all voters at the street level — no matter what state they live in.