The traffic flow on the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Belfast was slowed briefly Monday, Aug. 1 due to an accident that occurred just before noon, involving a truck that was reportedly towing a car on a trailer.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said the accident occurred as 18-year-old Justin Philbrook of Swanville was driving over the bridge in a 1983 GMC pickup. Philbrook, who was headed south, was towing a trailer with a car on it when one of the tires on the trailer popped.

Cunningham said the blown tire caused Philbrook to lose control of the truck, which skidded off to the roadside and caused the attached trailer to slide sideways. The car that was on top of the trailer fell off as a result, and Cunningham said the second vehicle came to rest after striking the guardrail.

Philbrook was not seriously injured in the accident, but he was summoned for attaching false plates and for towing an unregistered trailer shortly after the accident occurred.