Amy Reid of Newburgh has joined the speech department at Waldo County General Hospital.

When she was a student at the University of Maine at Orono, Reid liked hearing about the teaming culture at the speech department where the professor in one of her voice classes worked.

“In lectures, he talked about the culture at his clinics and the unique teaming model they used. I liked the coaching method he and his team had come up with and their work with telepractice. I thought ‘I could accomplish what I want in that setting.’,” said Reid. “They put the patient first and everyone has a common interest: the patient. I liked the team approach and the support network.”

When she saw a job opening for a speech therapist in the speech department, where her professor Michael Towey, MA, was the department head, she applied immediately.

“I liked the way they questioned the way things have been done, their values and their culture,” said Reid. “This is a high-quality organization.”

Reid got the job and will be working — using the coaching model she admired — in two preschools this fall, along with seeing patients.

Towey, meanwhile, said Reid was outstanding in her class and in fact, her clinical supervisor from college called her “most outstanding.” The assistant principal at the school where she worked while attending college said Reid worked well in the teamwork and collaboration approach used at that school and “formed strong relationships with the staff.”

Reid said she got her degree in Communication Science and Disorders because “communication is so fundamental to who we are. When you increase a person’s ability to community, you improve every aspect of their life.”