Jeff Burgess of East Madison survived a torrid battle with Dylan Turner of Freedom to win the 35-lap Late Model feature race, topping the stock car racing card Saturday night at Unity Raceway.

Burgess, locked in a tight battle for the 2011 championship at what has been termed “Maine’s Toughest Racing Oval,” lost the top spot to Turner on a mid-race restart, then returned the favor, prevailing in a five-lap shootout following a late-race caution flag.

Turner crossed the line under the checkered flags in second position, followed by points leader David Folsom I of Skowhegan, who moved up in the running order after Justin Drake of Burnham and Seth Raven of Waldo crashed while racing for the final trophy position as the race neared its end.

Chad Dow of Fairfield, filling in for Dean Fuller of Albion, finished fourth in a rare appearance at the third-mile oval this season. Tyler Robbins of Montville rounded out the top five. Raven and Folsom won heat races.

Maurice Young of Chelsea helped his championship hopes in the Keystone Automotive Industries Wildcat Division, scoring another victory in that 20-lap feature race. Young fought a tough battle for the lead with reigning division champion Chris King of Burnham after King led the first half of the event.

Multi-time Wildcat champion Carl McAlpine finished third, surviving a wild incident that saw Kris Matchett of Skowhegan take a hard ride into the front stretch barrier in front of the flag stand. Matchett was uninjured, but the car was not. Ben Gilbert of Pittsfield and Ed Gilblair of Skowhegan rounded out the top five. King won the heat race.

Mathew Burgoine of Newport picked up his career-first feature win in the visiting NELCAR Legends touring series race. Burgoine held off fast-closing Kevin Hutchens of East Waterboro to earn his first trip to victory lane. Ed Field of Connecticut was the third-place finisher, in front of apparent fourth-place finisher Bobby Weymouth of Topsham, who was disqualified in post-race tech after the car borrowed from Scott Lanpher of Manchester was found to have illegal brakes. The official top-five rundown was filled out by Evan Beaulieu and Terry Kirk, both of Durham.

Tim Robinson of Clinton drove the Jimmy Dennis #38 to an easy victory in the Late Model Pro Four 20-lap event as chaos again unfolded behind him. Norm Cummings Jr. of Augusta avoided much of the carnage to claim runner-up honors in front of Lance Chapman of Benton. Steve Rackliff of Starks and Jamie Foster of Benton were fourth and fifth, respectively. Chapman won the heat race.

Mike Mason of Madison returned to competition a few weeks after destroying his Monster Mini Division car in a vicious wreck. He put it back together in fine fashion and drove to a convincing win in the 20-lap main event for his class, driving around points leader Zach Audet of New Sharon to get the job done. Tim Collins of Farmingdale prevailed in an aggressive battle for the final trophy position, with Richard Jackson of Hudson and Justin Moore of Madison rounding out the top five. Reigning champion Mike Wilson of Chelsea won the heat race.

Brad Bosworth of Cornville outgunned multi-race winner Ryan Ripley of Waldoboro for top honors in the 20-lap main event for the Flyin’ 4 Division. The winner’s younger brother, Jayson Bosworth, picked up third-place hardware. Points leader Kyle Robinson of Clinton was fourth across the finish line, followed by Bob Gerard of Augusta. Brad Bosworth was the heat race victor.

Austin Clemons of Norridewock won his third straight Teen Thunder feature race. Colby Robbins of Montville led most of the 15-lap event, and crossed the line in second position. Ricky Pease of Detroit raced from the back of the pack following a mid-race restart to finish in third. Early race leader April McAlpine of Burnham was fourth, followed by Derek Pariseau of Brooks. Clemons also won the heat race.

The competition is getting closer in the Challenger Division, yet Chad Folsom continued his dominant season with another 20-lap feature event score. Folsom has won all but one race in the class this season. Eric Peavey of Clinton was the best of the rest again, with Rick Sirois of Norridgewock claiming his second straight third-place finish. Samantha Farnham of Benton kept all the tires inflated on her ride for the first time in several weeks and ended up in fourth position. Mike Stowe of Waterville rounded out the top five. Folsom won the heat race.

Kyle Turner of Freedom won the four-cylinder Enduro race. John McCarron and Josh Spencer were second and third, respectively.

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The individual results from Saturday night’s racing included:

Late Model (35 laps) — 1, Jeff Burgess, East Madison; 2, Dylan Turner, Freedom; 3, David Folsom I, Skowhegan; 4, Chad Dow, Fairfield; 5, Tyler Robbins, Montville; 6, Craig Robbins, Montville; 7, Justin Drake, Burnham; 8, Corey Walker, Strong; 9, Will Collins; Waldoboro; 10, Seth Raven, Waldo; 11, Brian Whitney, Burnham; 12, Ben Clark, Clinton; 13, David Folsom II, Skowhegan; 14, Glenn Curtis, Hudson; 15, Brian Gullifer, Farmington; and 16, John Rideout, Washington.

Keystone Automotive Wildcat (20 laps) — 1, Maurice Young, Chelsea; 2, Chris King, Burnham; 3, Carl McAlpine, Burnham; 4, Ben Gilbert, Pittsfield; 5, Ed Gilblair, Skowhegan; 6, Mike Moore, Smithfield; 7, Joe Harriman, Pittston; 8, Wayne Ripley, Waldoboro; 9, Kris Matchett, Skowhegan; 10, Jerry Robbins Jr., Montville; and 11, Bill Bowley II, Canaan.

NELCAR Legends (20 laps) — 1, Mathew Burgoine, Newport; 2, Kevin Hutchens, East Waterboro; 3, Ed Field, Deep River, Conn.; 4, Evan Beaulieu, Durham; 5, Tery Kirk, Durham; 6, Ryan Hammar, Derry, N.H.; 7, Dan Winters, Windham, N.H.; 8, Alan Smith, Lincoln; 9, Reid Lanpher, Manchester; 10, Ed Getty, Gray; 11, Matt Chagnot, Derry, N.H.; 12, Steve Johnson, Conway, N.H.; and 13, Pete Cannell, South Berwick.

Late Model Pro Four (20 laps) — 1, Tim Robinson, Clinton; 2, Norm Cummings Jr., Augusta; 3, Lance Chapman, Benton; 4, Steve Rackliff, Starks; 5, Jamie Foster, Benton; 6, Sean Johnson, Sidney; 7, Jordan Hawes, Skowhegan; and 8, Bill Ellis, Parkman.

Monster Mini (20 laps) — 1, Mike Mason, Madison; 2, Zach Audet, New Sharon; 3, Tim Collins, Farmingdale; 4, Richard Jackson, Hudson; 5, Justin Moore, Madison; 6, Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 7, Greg Cummings, Augusta; and 8, Donny Silva, Hudson.

Flyin’ 4 (20 laps) — 1, Brad Bosworth, Cornville; 2, Ryan Ripley, Waldoboro; 3, Jayson Bosworth, Cornville; 4, Kyle Robinson, Clinton; 5, Bob Gerard, Augusta; 6, Jamie Foster, Benton; 7, Cole Robinson, Clinton; 8, Donald Giggey, Athens; 9, Matt Glover, Rumford; 10, Christie Foster, Norridgewock; and 11, Mike Dulaney, Richmond.

Challenger (20 laps) — 1, Chad Folsom, Skowhegan; 2, Eric Peavey, Clinton; 3, Rick Sirois, Norridgewock; 4, Samantha Farnham, Benton; 5, Mike Stowe, Waterville; 6, Jacob Shaw, Lakeside, Calif.; 7, Louie Stillman, Clinton; 8, Kenneth Violette, Clinton; 9, Steve Perry, Windham; 10, Troy Rusconi, Clinton; 11, Dan Lambert, Waterville; 12, Nick Jackson, Waterville; 13, April Haring, Hot Spring, Az.; 14, Henry Boudreau, Bristol; and 15, Ken Lord, Waterville.

Enduro (15 laps, top-five) — 1, Kyle Turner, Freedom; 2, John McCarron, Newport; 3, Josh Spencer; 4, Chad Michaud, Fairfield; and 5, Mike Mathieu, Oakland.

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