A Frankfort man was arrested early Sunday morning, Aug. 7 after police say he brandished a gun and threatened to shoot several individuals he was arguing with.

21-year-old Daniel W. Lyford was charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon as a result of the alleged incident, which police said happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, near Traci’s Diner on Main Street.

According to Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham, who was reading from a report prepared by officers who responded to the incident, trouble began with an argument between two groups of people, with Lyford being part of one of those groups. Words were exchanged, Cunningham said, and then pushing and shoving followed.

According to Cunningham, Lyford and others in his group left the scene in a vehicle, but then returned, heading to the parking lot on Washington Street. The other group left the diner and headed back toward the same parking lot, Cunningham said.

At that point, Cunningham said, more words were exchanged and the driver of the car drove over a patch of lawn and went onto the sidewalk. After more verbal and physical confrontation, Cunningham said, Lyford committed the act for which he was later arrested.

“Mr. Lyford pulled the gun out and racked the slide [an action that readies the gun to fire], and then threatened to shoot them,” Cunningham said. He described the gun as a Glock 17 handgun.

Although Cunningham said Lyford later unloaded the gun and handed it to the driver of the vehicle, Cunningham added that it was unclear whether there was ever a bullet in the chamber of the weapon.

When Lyford displayed the gun, Cunningham said, another man got between Lyford and a man he was pointing the gun at and separated the two. Once the gun was removed, Cunningham said the confrontation turned physical again and was not broken up until officers arrived.

Officers found the handgun under the seat of the vehicle Lyford had been traveling in, Cunningham said, and two loaded magazines were found in a backpack in the back seat of the same vehicle.