Dr. Lou Pack will present his book “The Arthritis Revolution: Latest Research on Staying Active Without Pain Medication or Surgery” Thursday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. at Belfast Free Library, 106 High St.

Based on 40 years of clinical practice in treating thousands of patients, five years of research and data from famed institutions like the Mayo Clinic, “The Arthritis Revolution” dispels the myth that arthritis is due to age and excessive weight. Although certainly factors, these are not the primary causes.  Why for example, do many with arthritis often have only one knee or hip that hurts? Is the other any younger?

In a simple and logical fashion, Pack explains the real cause of osteoarthritis and shows readers what they can do to prevent or stop this dreaded disease. A Founding Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology, Pack has worked with eight world record holders, Olympic gold and silver medalists, a British Open and Masters champion and has been interviewed by Mike Wallace for “60 Minutes.”

“The Arthritis Revolution” is available on LuLu.com and Amazon.com. For more information, visit drloupack.com.

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