Work by Belfast artists Tom Gaines and Paul Oberst will be featured in an exhibition at the Corey Daniels Gallery on Route 1. The show will open with a 5 to 9 p.m. reception Saturday, Aug. 20 and run through Sept. 17.

Gaines will be showing works from his Rock Series, and Oberst’s banded or striped sculptural work will be installed at the contemporary gallery exhibition. For more information, call 646-5301 or visit

Gaines, a Philadelphia- and Belfast-based artist, has spent the past four-plus years focused on his Rock Series and has just completed “Rock: 105.” The artist said his work is based on a simple reality of sky, sea, sand and “figures” — that is, rocks that are at rest, those that balance precariously on each other and those that float. He feels “this precariousness and levitating reinforces the sense of the abstract.”

His paintings are based on painterly processes and random color selections. The artist, who is represented by the Schmidt Dean Gallery of Philadelphia, said this allows the paintings to evolve before he has to make critical decisions.

Oberst, who currently has an exhibition of his black, white and color striped sculpture and photographs at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, will be exhibiting related works at Corey Daniels.  He said he envisions his work as evolving around the concept of an architectural “temple” or passage. Within this structure are all the ceremonial objects and guides needed to usher each journeying participant into the next metaphorical/metaphysical/aesthetic realm of consciousness.

This framework or perspective allows Oberst to work across media. For example, a photograph can appear as a painting or as a sculpture, while a sculpture may consist of drawing or printmaking processes. Although the work is strongly contemporary, the artist feels it is rooted in ceremonies and rituals of the ancient past.

The Bridgette Mayer Gallery of Philadelphia represents Oberst. The photographic pieces are a collaboration between the artist and photographer Patrick McNamara of Cape Neddick.

Gaines and Oberst have had a 38-years-long association. Oberst began his art studies at Centre College of Kentucky where Gaines was his professor, advisor and mentor. Gaines and his wife moved to Belfast at the urging of his former student. Oberst first established his connection to the area in 1986 and lives in Montville.

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