Loyal Biscuit Co., a Rockland-based pet supply store, recently expanded into Waldo County by opening a location in Belfast, in Renys Plaza (Suite D-2). VillageSoup recently sat down with co-owner Heidi Vanorse, to learn more about Loyal Biscuit Co.

What made you decide to expand your business in Belfast?

For us, Belfast was the next logical place for us to expand our business. Belfast and the surrounding towns are filled with dog lovers, as evident by the creation of the Belfast Dog Park and the number of registered dogs in the Waldo County area.

We feel that the Loyal Biscuit Co. is very unique in its quality of food, treats, toys, collars and other pet supply selections as well as our self-serve dog wash. We absolutely believe that the LBC and Belfast are a great fit!

How has the community responded to your opening?

So far, the reception has been wonderful! We have developed some great customer relationships already and are looking forward to establishing many more. We are constantly receiving wonderful comments about how cute the store is, what a great selection of food we have, and how the self-serve dog wash is a Godsend!

What’s your funniest dog washing story?

Usually, we don’t have any problems getting a dog up the stairs and into the elevated tub. One day, a couple brought in their 150-pound Akita for a bath. That dog wanted no part in having a bath. He planted himself on the floor and would not budge for anyone or anything! The Akita won that battle and left without a bath.

Explain the dog washing steps.

To start a self-serve dog wash, we first get the dog in the elevated tub. Little dogs can be picked right up and put in the tub and we have stairs with steps for the bigger dogs to climb into the tub.

Once the dog is in the tub, we place a comfortable restraint on the dog so they don’t hop out. Our tubs are all temperature-controlled with warm water and choice of shampoos.

Our set up is very much like a car wash — you choose your shampoo and suds come straight from the nozzle on to the dog. We provide scrub brushes and wash cloths to help you get them clean! Flip the switch back to rinse to remove the shampoo.

After that, we have plenty of towels to dry them off with, as well as a professional pet blow dryer. We provide nail clippers, ear cleaner, brushes (including a Furminator), colognes and more.

We also have a grooming table for the smaller dogs that can be used if you groom your own dog (you are welcome to bring your own grooming clippers).

The greatest part about the self-serve dog wash, besides getting a super clean puppy, is that we clean up the mess — you take your time washing your dog, which is great for bonding, and when you are done we clean the area and sanitize the tubs and tools before the next wash.

How often should dogs be washed?

You would think this is an easy question to answer but unfortunately it is not. With the gentle, all-natural shampoos that are used in our self-serve dog wash, you could wash your dog once a week if you wanted, but there are several factors you need to consider first.

Factors: is your dog an inside dog or an outside dog, and where does your puppy sleep? What breed is your dog? Does your dog have allergies or does anyone in the house have allergies? What are your dogs normal activities?

So, as you can see the answer to this question — “How often should I wash my dog?” — can be difficult to answer. We recommend you come see us or give us a call and we can discuss the best option for your dog.

To answer the question in general, for most dogs you should wash them once a week to once a month, depending on the specific factors. We definitely do not recommend you use any human shampoo because the ingredients in pet shampoos are designed for, and are better for, your dog.

What do you suggest if your dog is sprayed by a skunk?

The dreaded skunk….YUCK! My first recommendation is to always keep a bottle of Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover handy — I have had to use this before and I was truly impressed at how well it worked.

If you do not have any of this handy, I recommend a homemade mixture of (see recipe below). Bathing a skunk sprayed dog with soap and water will not remove the odor of the skunk because it is oil-based, and not water-based.

You need have the natural enzymes in the Nature’s Miracle or the baking soda recipe to remove the odor of the skunk oil. Once the odor is removed, I suggest giving the dog a bath with a very mild oatmeal shampoo, as the removal process can leave the dog’s skin very dry.

Skunk De-scent Recipe

Mix 4 coups of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and a tablespoon of dish detergent. Sponge the mixture onto the affected areas and let sit for 30 minutes and then rise. Follow up with a good dog wash at the Loyal Biscuit Co., of course!


For more information about Loyal Biscuit Co., visit its website (loyalbiscuit.com), send an email (belfast@loyalbiscuit.com), call the Belfast location at 930-8100 or visit the company’s Facebook page (facebook.com/loyalbiscuit).