As you may know from a recent press release or mailing, Belfast Maskers is required by the city to move out of the railroad building to make way for the development of the waterfront.

A new wrinkle has just come into this situation and that is, instead of the nine months we were originally given to move, we have just been notified of a new timeline with October 5 as a deadline!

That means that instead of nine months to relocate, find a place for storage and performance, pack, remove electrical grids and cables, pianos, 25 years of costumes, and much more we are now told we have only nine weeks.

That is nine months vs. nine weeks; pretty much an impossible task without a great deal of help, both financial and physical.

This is where you can be of help, if you so choose. Next Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 7 p.m., there will be a City Council meeting at Belfast City Hall, on the first floor of the building, near the Church Street entrance.

Maskers has accepted that we do have to vacate the building owned by the city, and we are trying to comply with this new very sped-up request, but that is almost impossible without help from the city. We will be asking for such help from them at this meeting, during the public forum.

If you are willing to come to show support for the city helping Maskers we feel that would make a great deal of difference. You might choose to speak on our behalf at the “open to the public” portion of the meeting (the first portion of the meeting) or just sit in attendance.

Either way, your presence would indicate to the city that you, too, feel that if we are to comply with their request, we need to have their help with moving, disposal and storage of properties.

Belfast Maskers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and one of the very few non-profits in Belfast which has never asked for a dime of financial support from the city; the organization has paid insurance, rent, and all maintenance for that building for nearly two decades. Now we need the city’s help in order for Maskers to comply with a speedy exit from the building, as they require.

We hope to see you at the meeting, next Tuesday, Aug. 16 to show your support of Belfast Maskers, as you have supported us in the past. We will be moving forward and continuing to add to the quality of life which makes Belfast the unique little city that it is.

This is just a bump in our road but we need you to help us so that we get over that bump and make the road ahead smooth for Maskers continued presence here in Belfast.