The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Aug. 4 to Aug. 11:


Edgar F. Allen Estate to Lucille B. Allen

Kathleen A. Wishart and Kathleen Wishart-Kessler to Larry S. Wilson and Debora J. Wilson

Gerald C. Kolberg to Bonnie L. Becker

David Demere Estate to Lucretia Erin Yentes, Seth William Demere Yentes and Tyler Alden Demere

Austine M. O’Connor to Steven J. Brown


Town of Belmont to Nathan Stover


Reginald Cunningham to Reginald Cunningham and Enna F. Moody

Jean Elizabeth Poli to Aaron L. Harvey and Jody M. Bourassa


Gerald G. Libby to Gerald G. Libby and Patricia G. Libby


Roger D. Tripp Sr. to Paul Edmund Tripp

Timothy M. McCann and Teresa Snyder to James H. Harvey

Chester A. Martin to Pamela J. Stewart-Martin


Dorothea E. Jansen and Bruce D. Jansen to Karen M. Taber


David M. Rau and Malvina T. Rau to Donald P. Sloane and Lorraine B. Sloane


Edward V. Bridges Jr. and William G. White Jr. to Martin Johnson and Carroll Johnson

Timothy Webster to Leslie Staples

Thomas W. Garrigan to Dennis Ripley and Melanie Ripley


Charles P. Gregory Irr. Qualified Per. Res. Trust to Suzanne C. Soper and Alison C. Dougherty

Douglas A. Warren to Linda R. Warren

Douglas A. Warren to Linda R. Warren


Randolph E. Fogg to Roger Brassbridge

Guy E. Lane Jr. to Megan M. Lockart

Rosemarie Skrzypek to Central Maine Power Company

Marshall T. Moody and Valerie J. Moody to Matthew Powers and Adam W. Vogel

Elizabeth P. Dyer to Laurence Dyer


Michael E. Marden and Ramona J. Marden to Timothy J. Marden, Amy-Sue H. L. Marden and Amy-Sue H. Littlefield


Richard R. Collins and Anne A. Collins to Elizabeth W. Garber

James Nealey to James Nealey and Babette Nealey


John E. Giannelli IV and Patrick B. Giannelli to Thomas P. Blythe

Paul C. Kapfer to Ivan Russell and Marlena L. Russell


Ricky Collins and Deborah Collins to Lyndsy Collins

David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to Glenn M. Nadeau

Down East Credit Union, Brian Sanderson and Brian C. Sanderson to Down East Credit Union

Stockton Springs

Beulah E. Larrabee and Pamela Peer to Gary G. Larrabee

Michael Yao to Melissa Ng

Basil M. Staples to Scott D. Staples, Andrea J. Staples and Dawn Staples-Knox


Steven P. Johndro and Shelly V. Chasse-Johndro to John Lappin and Jacelyn Lappin


Donald L. Newell and Patricia L. Newell to Bonnie A. Drummond and Theodore E. Drummond

Geneva Wingate Estate to Carleen Berthiaume and Peggy Turner


Cynthia A. Harnden to Dale Schuling


Minnie A. Reigle to Minnie A. Reigle, Sharma N. Wood and Edward G. Wood

United States of America – HUD to Lawrence W. Kelley

Albert C. Faust and Judith E. Faust to Central Maine Power Company