Workers from Anderson Trucking Service paused on the south side of the Waldo Avenue bridge on Route 1, Monday, Aug. 22 to measure the height of a wind turbine tower segment bound for Western Maine.

The shipment was part of a months-long caravan of trucks bringing components of wind turbines, including tower segments, blades and nacelles, from Mack Point Cargo Terminal in Searsport to the 22-turbine Record Hill development.

According to one of the workers, the lowest of the bridges in Belfast is 14 feet, 7 inches. The tower-laden truck, which cruises at a height of 15 feet, 1 inch, was lowered using the air suspension to 13 feet, 9 inches in order to make the clearance, then raised again on the opposite side.

Other components, including blades, which are too tall to use this method, are scheduled to follow a detour using the northbound on and off ramps and bypassing the High Street and Waldo Avenue bridges by way of Field Street.

All trucks will be heading west through Waldo County by way of Route 3 to Augusta.

According to Maine State Police Lt. David Tripp, trucks bearing wind turbine components will be passing through the area five days per week. There will be between three and four trips per day, with many departing from Searsport between 4:30 and 8:30 a.m.

Each of the trucks will be escorted by State Police and several other vehicles. Behind the lead trooper will be an oversize escort vehicle, followed by another trooper,  then the load, and at the rear, another another oversize escort vehicle.

Tripp advised motorists to yield to the convoys.