One year ago, many of the same Belfast Area High School field hockey players looked on as Waldo County-rival Mount View High School secured its second straight Coastal Field Hockey Play Day championship, a preseason round robin tournament hosted annually by Camden Hills.

However, Tuesday’s event saw the pendulum between the two talented county squads swing in the other direction.

While the regular season and possible regional playoffs ultimately will show which team has the best overall talent, it was the Lions, who finished second last season, who outshone the rest of the five-team field Tuesday and roared to the coveted crown in the daylong event at Camden Hills.

Belfast amassed 65 points to take first-place honors, while Mount View, which won the tourney the past two seasons, finished second with 43 points. Host Camden Hills finished third place with 36 points, narrowly edging Oceanside, which finished fourth with 35 points. Brunswick amassed 13 points and placed fifth, rounding out the top five.

Scoring for the event credited five points for each goal scored, with one point for each shot on goal, thus putting the emphasis for the tournament on improving overall team play, not merely outscoring the opposition.

Team members for Belfast, led by veteran coach Allen Holmes, include Brooklyn Curry, Britt Mellor, Kari Osgood, Kristi Osgood, Kendra Kirby, Emily Blood, Krissy Martin, Ally James, Sierra Wood, Katrina Lapham, Lexi Nelligan, Logan Blood, Courtney Drinkwater, Kaysea Harford, Makaila Gould, Julia Ward, Madison Cummings, Kelsey Grass, Kristine Mehuren and Savana Wood. Jessie Henderson and Terryn House are team managers, while Britt Tarbox is the junior varsity coach.

Point results from the games (not goal totals) were: Belfast 19, Camden Hills 3; Mount View 2, Oceanside 1; Oceanside 11, Brunswick 6; Mount View 14, Camden Hills 8; Belfast 24, Oceanside 8; Mount View 12, Brunswick 0; Camden Hills 12, Oceanside 7; Belfast 19, Brunswick 1; Mount View 15, Belfast 3; and Camden Hills 13, Brunswick 6.

The rosters for the other three participating local teams include:

Camden Hills — Taylor Porter, Mallory Farley, Shani Morris, Isabella Benzie, Olivia Surprise, Alice Flint, Megan LeGage, Rebecca Gray, Camilla Walker, Amy Haynes, Avary Lamont, Chelsea Hunter, Anna Mynick, Addie Bragg and Zia Sulick. The coach is Jan Holmes-Jackson.

Mount View — Kersey Boulay, Lyndsey Morong, Ellie Peaslee, Hailey Davis, Mykenna Grotton, Braley Leadbetter, Caitlin Poulin, Abbie Charrier, Larissa Hannan, Kyrstyn Keating, Brittany Masessa, Andrea Smith, Abby Stubbs, Anna Tsomides, Janelle Thornley, Delainey Kein, Anna Piotti, Mercedes Reynolds and Frances Stevens. The coach is Gloria Hewett.

Oceanside — Crystal Tyndal, Allison Ward, Madison Sturks, Brooke Fournier, Samantha Heald, Rachel Freeman, Ciara Smalley, Emma Davis, Hannah Plourde, Chelsea Keyes, Lily Feltus, Shelby Fogg, Casey Carroll, Phoebe Ferraiolo, Molly Mellor, Isabella Garver, Brooke Dugan, Amanda Hoppe, Payton Billingsley and Jackie Thorbjornson. The coach is Joanna Hall.

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