ORONO — Two fungal pathogens have been causing leaves to drop from maple trees throughout Maine.

Tar spot and Anthracnose are both stimulated by wet weather and can damage maples by killing their leaves. But the damage isn’t substantial or long term, according to University of Maine Cooperative Extension, educator and horticulturist Kate Garland.

Garland has been fielding calls and questions from homeowners and residents worried about the loss of leaves on Norway, sugar, silver and red maple trees.

Loss of leaves interferes with a tree’s ability to photosynthesize, she said.

Garland said there’s not much that can be done to eliminate tar spots or Anthracnose during a given year. But she recommends raking and getting the tainted leaves off the property, or burning them, to reduce the spread of the fungus in subsequent years.

Tar spots look like its name suggests — dark spots on leaves. Anthracnose simply causes the leaves to turn brown, curl up and fall off.

Garland can be reached at 942-7396 for additional detail.