Bus routes and schedules for Regional School Units 3 and 20 are for download by following the links below.

Schedules for both districts are also available through their respective websites: www.msad3.org and www.rsu20.org

For more information on RSU 3 bus run times, calling the district’s Transportation Department at 568-3678 or the Central Office at 948-6136.

For more information on the RSU 20 buses, contact the district’s Central Office at 338-1960

This past spring, RSU 3 began using a new routing software system called “Transfinder” that allows transportation staff to develop and upgrade the bus routes to be more efficient and to better serve the students of RSU 3. Officials say the program has improved bus routes from an efficiency standpoint but parents should note that routes and times may be different than in past years.

It is recommended that students being picked up by the bus are outside early during the first two weeks of school as the actual times may vary.