Chief Ron Young of the Lincolnville Police Department reported he received four burglary complaints in Lincolnville within the past two days, and all were within a residential area in town.

Young has not released the location due to the ongoing investigations.

The burglaries initially appear to have occurred during daytime hours when homeowners were at work, and some were forcible entry and also entry made from unlocked premises, according to a news release from the Lincolnville Police Department.

Approximately $3,000 in jewelry has been reported stolen so far in the recent burglaries. All four complainants reported only jewelry items being stolen from their residences. The homeowners had not immediately noticed the thefts as other valuables and items in the home had not been disturbed.

Young did not disclose if the burglaries are considered to be related at this time, and said members of several law enforcement agencies, including Lincolnville, Belfast and Searsport Police and the Maine State Police, have scheduled a meeting on Aug. 26 to discuss whether the Lincolnville thefts may be related to a pair of jewelry thefts reported in Searsport last week.

The problem with the Lincolnville thefts, Young said, is that they may have happened over a month ago, because the owners had not been occupying the homes.

“When one realized, they all started checking,” he said. “One of the families, the last time they remember seeing their jewelry was in December.”

Young advised homeowners to lock and secure their premises if they are going to be away. Windows, including basement screens and bulkheads, as well as doors should be secured, he said. Homeowners are also encouraged to ask neighbors to be watchful for any suspicious person(s) or vehicles and any unusual activity.

Anyone with any information regarding the burglaries or to report any suspicious activity is encouraged to contact Young at 763-3555 or the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office at 338-2040.

Homeowners who are going to be away for an extended time should have a relative, neighbor or friend keep an eye on their residence as well as fill out a Police House Check Form. The form serves as an extra precaution providing awareness to police that a homeowner is away so extra patrol can be designated to the location. The forms are available at the town office and may also be filled out by calling the police department.