With clear skies and a setting sun, adults and children packed the stands and crowded around the barrier of the demolition derby pit Tuesday night at the Union Fair ready for for plenty of smash ’em action.

Loud cheers and applause drowned out the crashing and smashing of more than a dozen cars Aug. 23. Emergency crews stood close by for injuries and fires, and, fortunately, only had to make their way into the pit for two small engine fires during the event.

The next demolition derby at the Union Fair is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 27 in front of the grandstand on the fairground.

The demolition derby drivers from Tuesday’s event, with their vehicle numbers, were: #3 Levi Esancy; #4 Chris Billing; #5 Ben Porter; #6 Travis Cricket; #7 Cote Baughman; #8 Kevin Cabins; #10 Alvin Peabody; #12 Jason Baughman; #13 Jason Baughman; #14 James Smith; #15 Jim Smith; #16 Travis Bennett; #17 Brian Hilt; #18 Kurt Hilt; #24 Aron Shields; #30 Angela Seekins; #31 Terri Oilman; #33 Joe Young; #46 Rick Faustini; #48 Gary Carlton; and #88 Ryan Soule.

The top two in each heat were:

Heat 1 4 cylinders — 1, James Smith; and 2, Ryan Soule.

Heat 2 4 cylinders — 1, Levi Esancy; and 2, Chris Billing.

Heat 3 6/8 cylinders — 1, Jason Baughman; and 2, Angela Seekins.

Heat 4 6/8 cylinders — 1, Cote Baughman; and 2, Brian Hilt.

4-cylinder feature — 1, James Smith; and 2, Aron Shields.

6/8-cylinders feature — 1, Cote Baughman; and 2, Gary Carlton.

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