Police charged a local woman with theft Wednesday, Aug. 24 after she allegedly found an iPad that was reported stolen and opted to keep the item rather than make efforts to return the tech tool to its rightful owner.

Patricia Toy, 35, of Belfast was summoned for theft of lost, mislaid or misdelivered property a day after she allegedly found the missing iPad inside a shopping cart at the Belfast Co-op while she was shopping there Tuesday, Aug. 23, according to Belfast Police Officer Mike Rolerson.

Rolerson said the owner of the iPad had been shopping at the grocery store earlier in the day and that she had called the store and police to report that the item had been lost.

“It was first reported as lost property,” said Rolerson. “But once we reviewed the video tape [from the store] and we saw what happened, it went from a lost property to a theft case.”

Rolerson said the tape showed Toy handling the iPad while unloading groceries from the shopping cart at the store’s check-out.

“After [Toy] checked out, she stuck it in her pocketbook,” said Rolerson.

Toy is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, Oct. 4.