The Friends of Lake Winnecook are please to award $500 to Nick Skoby of Burnham, who recently installed a newly designed septic system at his cottage on the lake.

The $500 incentive award is part of an on-going project by the lake association to try and get old malfunctioning septic systems replaced.

“Many camps on Lake Winnecook (aka Unity Pond) were built before modern plumbing and septic codes. Many of these are now malfunctioning and a threat to lake water quality and human health” said Rick Kersbergen, president of FOLW, in a press release. “By offering a small financial incentive, we are hoping to induce more camp owners to install a designed septic system that meets today’s plumbing code”

Skoby acknowledged the incentive in his application. In the press release, he said, “With the added incentive of the $500 assistance, I was able to eliminate a serious headache and reduce potential lake pollution.”

If you are a camp owner on Lake Winnecook and want to apply for financial assistance to install a designed septic system in your house or cottage to replace a faulty one, contact the lake association.

Eligible applicants must be members of the Friends of Lake Winnecook. To find out more information, visit the lake association website at or contact Rick Kersbergen at 948-3136.