Have you wanted to know more about Islam — its faith, legal system and politics? Beginning on Sept. 15, Senior College at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast will feature a course taught by Moorhead Kennedy, one of the American Embassy workers taken hostage in Iran during the Carter years.

Or perhaps you’re curious about the Roots of Rock and Roll. Whatever your interest, there’s a course for you in Belfast. This term, Senior College will offer 18 exciting classes. From the history of art to watercolor, from Darwin to the Sonnet, from North Korea to conversational French, there is something for all curious people over 50.

Modern art can be a mystery to some, Chris Glass will use a BBC series The Shock of the New as “text” for his class. Baird Whitlock will continue his popular History of Art, this time with the Baroque era.

Most classes will run on Thursdays, from Sept. 15 through Oct. 22, at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center. For a full listing of classes, check the website, belfastseniorcollege.org.